How organised are you? Take our quiz to find out!

by Caity Wynn, 3 minutes read
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As a franchise owner who’s already spread thin across multiple locations and managing dozens of people, it’s often hard to self-reflect on your organisational skills. But constantly reviewing your processes is a fantastic way to iron out any gaps and improve.

Want an easy way to see how organised you really are? Take our quiz and find out!

Q1. When do you wake up in the morning?

  • a) At the same time every day.
  • b) About the same time – so long as my alarm clock is working.
  • c) Not sure – whenever the sun rises?

Q2. How long does it take to find your keys?

  • a) I always know where they are – in the same place every day.
  • b) They are around here somewhere – probably amongst the kitchen-bench clutter.
  • c) I have to set aside at least five minutes every morning to search for them.

Q3. How do you pay suppliers?

  • a) I keep records of every invoice and pay in advance whenever possible.
  • b) I tend to pay on the last day before it becomes overdue – for cash flow purposes.
  • c) Whenever the third or fourth ‘past due’ notice arrives, I may call for an extension.

Q4. How does your storeroom look?

  • a) Organised and clean – everything is in its place and easily accessed.
  • b) There’s a bit of clutter, but my team knows where to find what they need.
  • c) It’s a bombsite, but as long as I know where everything lives then I’ll never have a problem.

Q5. If a friend or family member dropped by the store unannounced, how would you feel?

  • a) Happy and welcoming – I’d enjoy showing them around my well-organised business.
  • b) I’d prefer to do a bit of tidying up before they arrive, but the amount of customers speaks for itself.
  • c) I tend to tell family and friends not to bother me while I’m at work – not because I don’t want to see them, but because I just don’t have enough hours in the day!

Q6. Have you ever forgotten to roster employees in the work schedule?

  • a) Never!
  • b) Maybe once or twice – but I fixed it as soon as I realised.
  • c) It tends to happen from time to time. My team doesn’t mind though.

Q7. What does your personal workspace look like?

  • a) Always in order.
  • b) Cluttered, but I also have everything I need at hand.
  • c) Some might call it ‘messy’. I call it ‘organised chaos’.

Q8. If a team member needed a charger for the mobile POS, where would they find it?

  • a) In the same place it’s always kept.
  • b) They might have to ask a few of their co-workers, but eventually it’ll turn up.
  • c) I lost it a few weeks ago – I’ll have to run to the shops first!

Q9. How do you cover employees going on holiday?

  • a) I always get other team members to cover employee time off, or hire short-term workers.
  • b) We might be a little shorthanded for a few days, but we’ll survive.
  • c) It’s usually panic stations until an off-duty team member can come in at short notice.

Q10. At the end of every workday, how do you feel?

  • a) Satisfied I’ve done as much as I possibly could.
  • b) Happy with the result, but I could’ve worked more on the big-picture stuff.
  • c) I spent a lot of time with my team, but may have forgotten about a few tasks.

Scoring system

  • a) = 1 point
  • b) = 2 points
  • c) = 3 points

Your score: _______

Your organisation results

10-13: You’re an organisational maestro! Congratulations on being super organised. Check out some ways you can further streamline your organisational processes.

14-20: Not bad! But there’s room for improvement. Some online tools could be just what you need.

21-30: Your disorganisation could be costing your business money. Find out what online solutions can do for your business and help get your organisational skills on track!