Protect Your Greatest Investment: Your Employees

by Chris Cooning, 3 minutes read
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Finding and retaining staff is one of the biggest challenges for healthcare clinics. And to increase employee retention, you need to pay your team correctly and give them fair, balanced schedules.

But when working in health care is so stressful, how can you prevent employee burnout?

Read on for two ways Deputy can help ease the stress and keep your employees happy.

Set up guardrails to prevent burnout

When your staff is constantly guessing when they’re going to work, they’re more likely to feel burned out. Thankfully, practice managers can easily reduce that feeling of uncertainty.

Deputy’s advanced stress profiles allow you to create custom schedule limitations. That means you can better comply with wage and fair labor laws — and set guardrails to reduce employee fatigue.

No more back-to-back schedules. Put rules in place to warn when your staff needs more time between shifts. More rest means fewer errors and better patient care.

Employee Stress Profile

But what about when someone calls out last minute?

You can require shifts to have specific training so your team is not working shifts they’re not qualified for. And on top of that, any shifts scheduled outside of your team’s stress profiles will be flagged. That means you’re never overscheduling an employee.

But don’t worry. Deputy knows that scheduling healthcare staff needs to be flexible. That’s why you can always override those restrictions to ensure adequate staff coverage.

Build trust with transparent timesheets

You know how important it is to be transparent with your patients. It’s just as important to build a culture of transparency with your staff.

To help, staff can view changes to their timesheets in Deputy, such as when a manager updates a clock in or clock out time or adds a break they forgot to enter.

Deputy also takes the work out of overtime calculations should your staff go over their set hours within the stress profile.

Automated recalculation of timesheets enables a painless way to ensure overtime compliance when edits to timesheets occur.

Recalculate Timesheets

These features combined give clinic owners the tools to comply with wage and fair labor laws while crafting an employee experience that provides transparent timesheets and accurate overtime calculations.

Celebrate your team

Your staff is your greatest investment. Deputy makes it easier than ever to create an exceptional employee experience.

With guardrails in place, Deputy helps ensure your team receives the hours they need with accurate pay. And better, your employees will be ready to provide quality care after receiving the proper rest hours and full transparency.

Ready to celebrate your team? Sign up for a free trial of Deputy today.

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