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by Chris Cooning, 4 minutes read
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Last week, we kicked off a blog series to showcase all the Deputy product team’s work to build a best-in-class team scheduling experience for healthcare shift workers.

Our last post, Mastering Healthcare Team Scheduling with Deputy, focused on how Deputy helps you solve two crucial pieces of staff scheduling: creating efficient schedules well in advance — and easily adapting to last-minute changes.

Today, we’re looking at how the Deputy mobile app is completely changing the scheduling game for healthcare businesses: giving them the schedule visibility and flexibility they need on the go.

Run your clinic team scheduling on mobile

This week, we had the opportunity to meet up with one of our healthcare customers: Dan Latham-Smith, the CEO of Pulse Medical Staffing.

Dan’s story about how Deputy has revolutionized his business is unique in that Dan’s business is not a medical practice, but a medical staffing agency.

As a per diem medical staffing agency, Pulse Medical Staffing takes a “fast and furious” approach to quickly offering open shifts and filling them with the right people at the right time. By leveraging many of the features designed for healthcare clinics within Deputy, Pulse Medical Staffing is able to solve the all too common problem of finding and hiring qualified medical staff by providing a fast, flexible, and cost-effective staffing solution for short-term specialized healthcare needs.

He talked at length about how technology like Deputy has changed the healthcare industry, with one of the most significant technological improvements being around increased mobility.

Like many others in the healthcare industry, being at a desk means spending less time with patients and less time providing quality care. Dan explained how he uses Deputy on mobile to run most aspects of healthcare team scheduling with ease.

Some highlights of how he and his team use Deputy on the go included being able to copy weekly schedules, edit area names, and create and approve open shifts — all from their mobile devices.

“Deputy affords us an advantage to our work-life balance. We’re able to — after hours or when our office is closed — go on about our lives because we have Deputy in our pocket.”

Dan Latham-Smith, CEO of Pulse Medical Staffing

Pulse Medical Staffing also makes use of Deputy’s site scheduling feature. The benefits of site scheduling for medical staffing agencies allow qualified healthcare practitioners to be placed into a clinic by adding an address to an area. From there, once the open shift is filled, the healthcare staff member can clock in and out via their mobile device based on their location and proximity to the job site, ensuring that the right healthcare worker is in the right place at the right time.

Quickly onboard new employees from anywhere

Deputy understands the pains of finding and hiring qualified healthcare professionals. So once found, Deputy has shortened the process of getting employees into the Deputy platform by allowing schedulers to add employees from a payroll provider integration from any iOS device. If you are not using an online payroll system, you can get your employees started by sending them a URL invite link directly from your phone contacts — no laptop or desk workstation required. So no matter where you are, or where the new employee is, you can get them started right away by bringing them into Deputy.

Even better, once the employee is onboarded, you can also provide instructions for the worksite by attaching files to locations. So when the new employee is on-site, they can view instructions such as gate codes or the supervisor they are to report to once on site.

Create a safe and exceptional experience for your greatest asset: your staff

We’ve covered a few of the ways Pulse Medical Staffing uses Deputy to get a competitive edge in the medical staffing industry, but we didn’t want to forget about the most important asset to any medical practice: its healthcare team members.

Deputy’s product team is driven by creating a best-in-class experience for not only practice managers, but also healthcare workers themselves

Last week, we mentioned that any employee can securely share schedules made in Deputy with those in their life outside of work, so everyone experiences more autonomy related to their schedule and less burnout from the uncertainty of their future availability.

To give better visibility to healthcare workers of their own work schedule while on the go, we’ve now added a view where employees can access their schedule using a list view or a weekly calendar view from their mobile device.

Lastly, we’ve made improvements to touchless clock-ins, initially released in March 2020 at the onset of COVID-19. Healthcare workers who constantly adapt to unpredictable change can now use the touchless clock-in for unscheduled shifts on both our Kiosk (iOS) and Time Clock (Android) apps — great for last-minute call-outs or coverage changes.

At Deputy, we’re strong believers in making emerging technologies accessible to all businesses and their employees — no matter where they are.

Make staff scheduling the easiest part of your day. Sign up for a free trial to see how Deputy can erase your scheduling headache — already using Deputy? Use the chat bubble at the bottom of the page to reach out with any questions.

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