Stay Safe with Deputy’s Touchless Clock In

Deepesh Banerji

Deepesh Banerji

Head of Product

March 30, 2020

Stay Safe with Deputy’s Touchless Clock In

Deepesh Banerji, Head of Product
March 30, 2020

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been working closely with many of our customers to understand how they have been adapting and changing their businesses to survive the sudden and drastic impact of a global pandemic.

As a company, we wanted to make sure that even through all the craziness, we continue to provide our customers with the cutting edge innovation they need to be able to run their best business possible.

To that end, we have been working around the clock (no pun intended) to bring you the first and only truly touchless time clock app that allows your team to start and stop their shift or breaks using only their face and voice — with absolutely no contact with the screen.

Employees simply need to approach the iPad Kiosk in a close enough distance that Deputy can detect the employee’s face and match it to their profile photo. Using voice command technology, employees can then confirm that they would like to start their shift. It’s that easy.

It’s the most hygienic way to start a shift and take breaks

Health officials have advised proper hand hygiene is one of the main precautions against the contraction and spread of COVID-19, making touchless technology a great way to protect your employees. 

The clock-in and clock-out process become a safe, handsfree process for all employees with the Deputy Kiosk app, reducing contact during this mandatory step for employees and limiting potential contamination.

It’s really, really fast (with 100% accuracy)

In 2020, there is no good excuse to be standing in line to clock on for your shift or start a break. Forgotten pin codes and passwords are a thing of the past.

With the Touchless Time Clock enabled, employees can start their shift in actual seconds, which is especially valuable for teams with a lot of employees who start work at the same time.

With the latest biometric facial recognition technology, you can have peace of mind that the right person is clocking in at the right time for their shift.

Spend less time on verifying and approving timesheets

The Deputy Kiosk with Touchless Clock In removes the manual workaround of verifying employees on shift by instead using facial recognition to verify employees. 

The Kiosk syncs with all the shift rostering and rest break compliance intelligence built into Deputy, ensuring employers can stay protected against compliance risks even while handling lots of shift swaps and creating last-minute new shifts. 

More than just clocking-in, use Deputy Kiosk for important communications

Increased communication is more important than ever to ensure employees can be brought up to speed quickly on changes. The Deputy Kiosk News Feed is the best way to ensure important communications to employees are never missed. 

When employees clock-in, they can see important messages and tasks right away, and even be required to confirm they’ve read and understood. Articles or videos can be posted for every employee starting a shift to view, making it the easiest way to spread the word on updates to protocols or new training.

The best part? You already have access.

At Deputy, we’re strong believers in making emerging technologies accessible to all businesses and their employees.

No need to invest in expensive hardware. To enable this feature, review our help docs to turn it on. 

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Deepesh Banerji
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