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Using Deputy has reduced University Veterinary Hospital's clock in/clock out errors by 50%

Shreveport, Louisiana
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At a glance

  • Saved over 15 hours a month creating employee schedules
  • Reduced clock in/out mistakes by 50%
  • Labor forecasting reduced over and understaffing
  • Improved staff performance with the journal feature

The Story

Michelle and her team at University Veterinary Hospital have their paws full. With continued innovation being driven by their state-of-the-art facility and well-trained staff, University Veterinary Hospital has become the leader of the pack in providing animal care & grooming services in Shreveport.

"It's exciting and all good. We're always going to grow, we're always going to change."

university veterinary hospital

The Challenge

But being Shreveport’s premier veterinary and care facility brings about needs like tracking labor costs, putting together a variety of employee schedules, and accurate staff metrics.

Michelle recognized these issues early on and tried a number of options before choosing Deputy. One option, using Excel sheets, not only made tracking labor costs impossible but led to frequent clock in/clock out mistakes.

With University Veterinary Hospital experiencing so much growth, Michelle knew she had to find a consistent solution for their problems.

"With Deputy, I can see my labor hours and percentages, so I can schedule without putting us too far over or too far under."

university veterinary hospital

The Solution

After an employee introduced her to Deputy, she knew the time was meow! They signed up for a free trial and are loving the decision to use Deputy.

Deputy’s scheduling software saves Michelle’s team over 15 hours a week on building employee schedules and they’ve also seen a 50% reduction in clock in/clock out mistakes. They were even able to build a fun photo challenge for their team using the facial recognition feature of Deputy’s on-site time clock whenever they clocked in.

With Michelle and her management team investing their newfound time into improving efficiency as well as having a workforce management platform offering accurate labor forecasting, reduced errors, and improved morale – University Veterinary Hospital is poised to continue their growth by providing top-notch veterinary services.

"I would take a full uninterrupted day to build a schedule, now with Deputy I can knock it out in 2 hours."

university veterinary hospital
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