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Rostering & team management excellence

Save hours on rostering, reduce your labour costs and create an amazing employee experience. Deputy makes it easy to build cost-efficient rosters and share them with your team instantly.

Team members fill out their details on the go with Deputy New Hire Onboarding

Hire, Onboard and Empower

Level up your HR game. Post jobs in seconds and hire that perfect candidate. Onboard new hires without the mountain of paperwork. Manage all your team’s HR documents in one digital hub.

pay rate

Award updates

Simplify timesheets and Award compliance

Pay with confidence. Record accurate work hours with every shift, simplify award wage calculations and export to payroll with the push of a button.

manly leagues club rostering with deputy
“Rostering through our previous software would take me consecutive days. I can confidently say I can do a roster in Deputy within half an hour.” Nikki Pichon, People & Culture Manager, Manly Leagues Club
Manly Leagues Club returns to Deputy after trying an “all-in-one” platform
Having used Deputy for years, Manly Leagues Club's staff and managers loved it. However, when a different platform claimed it could do everything, it seemed like a better solution - until it wasn’t.

Their team struggled with the new platform’s lack of support and unintuitive clunky interface. It was promoted as an “all-in-one” system, but the reality was far from this, with two separate platforms and logins for payroll and HR. 

Managers and employees questioned why Manly Leagues Club had left Deputy and were vocal about their dislike for the new software.

After returning to Deputy, they’re enjoying:

  • Reduced rostering time from multiple days per week to 30 minutes

  • Hundreds of dollars saved per month on software subscription costs

  • No more waiting around for tech support — fast and accurate help when needed

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Run your teams remotely without missing a thing

Manage rosters, timesheets and team communication anywhere, on any device. Deputy is optimised for iPhone, iPad, Android, and desktop — employees seriously love our app.

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Connect Deputy with your favourite payroll, POS and HR systems to save you time and provide the insights you need in one place.

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