We’re making important
changes to our pricing

To help businesses thrive, we need to continuously invest our product. Like your business, we are not immune to increasing operating costs. To allow us to continue developing Deputy, our subscription prices are changing from July 1, 2022 — see table below.

Since our last price increase 3 years ago, we have added over 250 new features and innovations. In fact, you can find a detailed list of what we’ve been working on here. Please be assured, however, that our pricing still remains very competitive against other similar workforce management solutions.


Lock in current pricing

Sign up to Deputy prior to July 1, 2022, and you can lock in current pricing until the end of the year.

Our Premium plan offers a comprehensive workforce management solution, including rostering staff to budget, managing award requirements, streamlining payroll, and creating an amazing employee experience. For more savings, we offer discounted user pricing if you sign up for annual billing on our Premium plan.

Deputy grows with your business

Since our last price increase 3 years ago, we’ve been putting in long shifts to release over 250 new features and innovations that will simplify shift work for you and help your business to perform at its best. We've listed some of these below.

Read here for a detailed list

Upgraded scheduling

We’re investing in new technology that allows our scheduling tool to scale with your growth, while delivering better performance and speed.

We've integrated useful information into the schedule view, like staff availability, agreed hours and leave, to help you save time and create accurate rosters. The option for open shifts to require approval has been another manager favourite.

Investing in your team

Your team is your most important asset. Our new Shift Engagement feature gives you a simple way to hear their feedback and take action to improve morale and retention.

To support your business through the changing COVID environment, we introduced staff safety measures like Touchless Clock-in, pre-shift health checks, and contact tracing reports.

We enhanced our News Feed to keep your team connected — with video sharing and custom permissions for commenting and posting.

Drive efficiency with labour insights

The Smart Scheduling release has been a game-changer for businesses. You can control labour costs with clear data on wage/hour budgets, labour percentages or sales per hour.

You can optimise your staffing with demand data like sales, transactions or foot traffic. We recently streamlined the experience to make it easier to use and introduced the ability to add specific tasks to each shift so your business runs like clockwork.

Do more on-the-go

Manage rosters and stay connected with your team more efficiently than ever, wherever you are, thanks to our streamlined mobile app.

With a few simple taps, managers can now repeat shifts for the next 7 days, have full view of staff availability when scheduling on mobile, and approvals for leave, open shift bidding and timesheets can be done on the spot.

We also redesigned the main tabs recently to make the mobile experience more intuitive.

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Frequently asked questions

New pricing

  • When do the pricing changes come into effect?

    The changes are effective from July 1, 2022. The new pricing will be reflected in your August invoice.

  • Why is Deputy making the pricing changes?

    We’re continually investing in our product — from enhancing existing features to developing new features — to deliver a world-class workforce management solution that helps your business be successful and compliant. In fact, we’ve released over 250 improvements and new features in the last 3 years.

    Our new pricing reflects this investment and increased value that we’re delivering to our customers.

    Like many businesses, we are also not immune to increasing operating costs, which have also contributed to the price of your Deputy plan changing.

  • I signed-up to Deputy between January 2022 and June 2022, what will I be charged after 1 July 2022?

    You will remain on your current pricing until 1 January 2023 when you will be charged the new pricing.


  • When and how will I be billed?

    We will always respect a free trial period. For example, if you upgrade 14 days before your trial expires you won't start paying for 14 days.

    Monthly Billing:

    On a monthly plan your Tax Invoice/Statement will usually be generated on the last day of every month.

    Annual Billing:

    On an annual plan, you will be charged immediately up-front for the year on the day you upgrade. Any additional fees incurred (e.g. additional users, SMS) will be charged at the end of the month (at the monthly rate of your chosen plan.) There is always the option of pre-paying for additional users at any time, so that you only pay the pro-rata annual rate for the rest of your contract.

  • How does Deputy handle monthly billing for new, archived and unarchived users?

    When you add a new user into Deputy for the first time, you will be charged at the full monthly per user price. For example, if you add a new employee 5 days before the end of the month, you will still get charged for that user for the full month.

    When you archive a user in Deputy, the same logic applies as above and you will be charged the full month. For example, if you archive an employee after 10 days of a month, you will still be charged for that user for the full month.

    However, if you unarchive a previously archived user we will bill for the full per user price for that month, regardless of the time or day that they were unarchived.

  • Will I incur fees if I change my plan?

    If you are on a Monthly plan then you can change your plan at any time without penalty. Simply select your new plan in your accounts’ billing settings. The plan change will take effect from the first of the current month. We will bill you on the new plan in the next billing run, at the end of the month. And you will see this change reflected in your next Tax Invoice/Statement. Like most services, we are subject to jurisdictional taxes, so depending on location these will be applied to monthly usage costs.

    If you are on an Annual plan then you can add additional users, however you cannot change the plan you are on, or lower the amount of employees in your account. You can cancel your plan before your 12 months expires, however there are no refunds in this instance.

  • What happens if I cancel my plan?

    If you cancel your monthly plan, you’ll pay for your current plan until the end of the monthly billing period. If you’d like to retain access to your plan benefits for the full month, we recommend you cancel your subscription at the end of the month.

    If you are on an annual plan, you can cancel your plan before your 12 months expires, however there are no refunds in this instance.

  • What happens when employees leave my business?

    Former employees cannot be rostered. However, their history is retained and you can unarchive them at any time.

Annual Premium plan

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