9 Coffee Orders That Should Totally Exist Right Now

by Katie Sawyer, 4 minutes read
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If the Tuesday morning rush at your coffee shop is getting a little stale, it’s time to have a bit of fun.

You won’t find these drinks on any coffee shop’s secret menu, but in times of quarantine, maybe they should be.

For the adventurous baristas, here are nine new quarantine-inspired drink ideas for all kinds of customers.

For the people who work from home

Sometimes, working from home isn’t as fun as it sounds. Trying to balance a regular workload on top of teaching their kids and listening to their partner on work calls. It’s a lot. Here are a few WFH coffee orders that could give your customers the little pick-me-up they need to get through the day.

1. “The Side Hustle”

These customers are determined to find a few new ways to make some extra cash. They’re scrappy and creative — and looking for a little extra motivation. Feed their ambition with layers of whipped coffee, whipped cocoa, whipped matcha, all topped off with a dollop of whipped cream. Complementary filters and hashtags are optional!

2. “Regretting the Bangs”

Whether they tried their own quarantine cut or experimented with the hair dye, it wasn’t as bad as when they tried out a new hairstyle — bangs. For regretful customers, offer a cappuccino in an oversized mug to hide their faces on Zoom meetings.

3. “Virtual Background”

Speaking of Zoom meetings, make excessive ones more bearable with a new latte flavor. Rum and cinnamon make an ideal pairing for a tropical beach background. Maybe only serve these for happy hour.

For employees still deemed essential

Although some employees have the ability to work from home, others still have to go into their “office.” Nurses, caretakers, and even you baristas still leave your house to get to work. Here are some drink special ideas for all those essential workers.

4. “Guess My Mood”

Traffic might be lighter on the road, but stress is still high for many heading into their place of business. For the cranky workers, pacify them with the classic combination of drip coffee and syrup. Flavors such as vanilla, hazelnut, and even caramel can give them the sweetness they need to turn their frown upside down.

5. “COVID Spritz”

Tea drinkers will enjoy this Earl Grey cocktail flavored with honey syrup and club soda. Add an unopened, wrapped compostable straw for a little extra flair.

6. “I Remember Vacations”

For those employees that have picked up extra shifts, they’re reminiscing of vacations past. Now, not only is the workplace busy, but there’s also nowhere to go. Give these workers a small comfort and reminder of a beach vacation with a blended frozen latte with extra coconut flavor.

For The Delivery People

Don’t forget about the unsung heroes of this pandemic: those charged with delivering everything from coffee drinks to running shoes all over town. They need a pick-me-up like the rest of us — perhaps even more so. Here are a couple of ways to show appreciation for the couriers in our lives.

7. “No Tip, No Service”

This is a grab bag order. Any drink order that fails to make it to its final destination goes to the delivery driver, free of charge. Whether it be for a customer who fails to tip, cancels at the last minute, or is just plain rude. Reward the haggard courier that abandoned soy latte.

8. “Dog Dodging”

Dogs are on high alert these days with the increased number of delivery workers coming to their doors. While they used to get pets for being such a good doggo, now they’re yearning for any acknowledgment. For those delivery workers who resist petting their cute, furry friends while on the job, you should give them a medal. Or at least a good coffee. Give them a boost with this special blend of drip coffee. Instead of brewing with water, brew this batch with the previous day’s coffee to give them an extra-caffeinated kick!

For everyone

When it comes down to it, everyone deserves some praise. Living through a global pandemic isn’t easy for anyone, and sometimes you just need the basics. Here’s for everyone who keeps making it through the day.

9. Plain Black Coffee

The last drink on this list is a classic for a reason. And with the rise of trendy and complicated drinks, it could very well be a lost art. With everything else in the world going crazy, sometimes people want to sit back and enjoy coffee in its purest form. No almond milk, no complicated flavors, no fuss.

Ordering calm with your coffee

Don’t be afraid to bring some humor into your work. A few smiles and laughs go a long way to bringing joy to your customers and your staff.

And if you’re ready to boost your team’s morale with better communication, flexible scheduling, and the opportunity to pick up extra shifts, sign up for a free trial of Deputy today.

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