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Hire with Deputy HR

Enhanced Hiring

Welcome top talent to your team

We don't just simplify hiring, we help you attract the best candidates. Find talent with the right experience and values for your workplace — and automate the hiring admin to get them started quickly.

Onboard with Deputy HR

Paperless Onboarding

Make onboarding effortless and first days amazing

Speed up onboarding and ensure everything is completed correctly. Make it beautifully simple to request, submit, and track onboarding documents on the go. In just a few clicks, your new hire is ready to roll.

Manage document with Deputy HR

Document Management

Imagine what you could achieve with less paperwork

Spend less time on employee paperwork and more time growing your team. Collect everyone’s details in one place, track certification expiry dates, and always know where to find that one document you’re looking for.

Shift Pulse+ with Deputy HR

shift pulse+

Collect employee feedback and boost retention

Keep track of employee engagement and identify workplace challenges — before they become a reason for turnover. Gather targeted feedback from different roles or departments. Get the insights you need to lift employee retention.

Seamless, mobile-friendly candidate experience

Candidates can go from applying to clocking in for their first shift all in the palm of their hands.

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Deputy HR

Frequently asked questions

  • What is Deputy HR?

    Deputy HR is a new and separate subscription offering that comes with Deputy’s hiring, onboarding, document management, and team management features.

    Deputy Hire allows you to streamline your hiring process by managing and tracking job applicants efficiently. It simplifies candidate selection, communication, and overall recruitment tasks.

    Our onboarding feature ensures your new hires receive a seamless and welcoming experience into your business.

    Our new document management feature allows you to securely store and manage essential employee documents, such as contracts, certifications, and other HR-related paperwork.

    Our team engagement feature provides you with tools to attract and retain great teams. Supercharge your insight into team feedback with Shift Pulse+, celebrate wins, and manage staff growth plans.

  • How much does Deputy HR cost?

    When you subscribe to Deputy HR, there will be an additional cost of AUD$2.50 (excl. GST) / £1.40 (excl. VAT) per user per month.

    This fee applies to all users within your account.

    This fee also includes SMS charges, so you won’t incur any extra charges for SMSes sent through our HR platform.

  • What are the benefits of using Deputy HR?

    Deputy HR is Deputy’s people management solution that integrates seamlessly with our core workforce management solution. With Deputy HR you can attract and hire candidates, onboard them and manage all their relevant documents all from one software - Deputy.

    Once onboarded, the team member can be scheduled right away and start their first shift on Deputy.

  • Is there a trial or demo available for Deputy HR?

    Yes, you can try out the full suite of Deputy HR features in Deputy’s standard free trial period.

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Document Management

Shift Pulse+

Team Engagement