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Manage leave requests and balances in one clear platform

  • Set up leave entitlements in a flash
  • Request & approve leave from any device
  • Simplify 52-week holiday pay calculations and enhance accuracy when paying shift workers
  • Accrue holiday with ease for casual, zero-hour, part-time and salaried employees
Leave Management Software

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52-week calculations with Deputy

Simplify 52-week holiday pay calculations with ease

  • Streamline holiday calculations with precision
    Minimise frustrating errors when calculating the 52-week average holiday pay for your shift workers. Easily create leave entitlements in minutes.

  • Remove manual processes
    Say goodbye to tedious manual processes. Our purpose-built and compliance-focused accrual engine simplifies leave calculations, making payroll a breeze.

  • Save hours managing leave
    Keep track of everyone’s leave without spending hours manually entering data into spreadsheets or different systems.

Deputy's leave management central dashboard

Handle employee leave in one place

  • A clear picture of leave balances & requests
    Manage your team’s leave from one simple dashboard. View different leave types, remaining balances, requests, and booked time off. Deputy also flags when leave balances are low to avoid any surprises.

  • Request on the go
    Make leave management easier for everyone involved. Employees can keep track of their own balances and request leave directly through the app - without any back and forth.

  • Track and approve
    Stay on top of leave balances and requests. View remaining leave in days or hours, receive alerts when balances run low, and approve requests wherever you are.

The 52-Week Holiday Pay Ruling E-book

The 52-Week Holiday Pay Ruling: And What It Means for Your Business

Uncover how to master the 52-week holiday reference rule and ensure fair compensation for your shift workers. Download now Download now

Automate leave, facilitate compliance, and simplify rotas in one app

Availability & rotas

Never schedule staff who aren’t available

Automatically block leave requests for important dates when you need everyone to be ready to work.

Leave management custom rules

Bespoke leave management

Custom leave rules for your business

With a few clicks, set up custom leave policies that suit your business with our streamlined leave policy builder.

Leave management ease of use

Stress free

Hello effortless leave management

Calculating the 52-week average holiday pay for casual workers is a stressful, tedious and time-consuming task. You don’t have to spend hours tediously crunching numbers. Get your time back and let us do the heavy lifting for you.

Manage absences

Manage absences

Don’t be left short-staffed

If a team member takes sick leave or doesn’t show up, find someone to cover their shift with the push of a button. Deputy allows you to view staff attendance in real-time, make sure scheduled staff are on site, and find replacements without a single phone call or text.

Deputy integration in the UK

Software Integrations

Connect Deputy with your payroll and HR systems

Save hours on admin, avoid double entry of data, and reduce errors. Easily sync leave balances and pay rates between Deputy and your other systems.

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Why use Deputy's leave management?

The accuracy, simplicity, and flexibility of our software has earned us 330,000 happy customers - who are our greatest advocates. With Deputy, you’re not just saving time and money. You’re finding a better way to do business.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is the 52-week holiday pay ruling?

    The 52-week holiday pay ruling states that if an employee works shifts that vary in hours from week to week, the employer must calculate and pay them a 52-week average for their holiday pay.

  • How do I calculate hours worked?

    To calculate the hours worked, you need to know the start time and end time of the work period in hours and minutes. Calculate the time difference by subtracting the start time from the end time. This will give you the total duration of the work period in hours and minutes. Convert any minutes in the time difference to decimal form. Divide the minutes by 60, and add the resulting decimal value to the hours. Add the decimal value (if any) to the whole number of hours to get the total hours worked.

  • What is the difference between holiday entitlement and holiday pay?

    Holiday entitlement is what the worker is entitled to and begins to accrue as soon as the worker starts their job.

    Holiday pay is what the worker should be paid for when they actually go on holiday. Workers are entitled to a week’s pay for each week of statutory leave that they take.

  • How is Deputy able to handle holiday entitlement and process holiday pay for employees?

    Deputy is able to calculate holiday entitlement based on three different accrual methods:

    • Accrual of leave based on hours worked

    • Frontloading leave balance 

    • Calculation of entitlement based on working hours or working days per week

    Deputy is also able to figure out holiday pay for zero-hour workers by calculating the average hours worked over the last 52 paid weeks referencing all the way up to a 104 weeks.

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While Deputy is designed to Simplify Shift Work by reducing the time required to apply the relevant legal requirements through automation, it is not a substitute for payroll or legal advice, nor is it intended to relieve you of your obligation to comply with the legal requirements applicable to your business. It is ultimately each customer’s sole responsibility to pay its employees correctly and in compliance with all Legal Requirements. Please review our Product Specific Terms for more information about your compliance responsibilities.