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Keep staff up to date in one central communication platform

Achieve fast, effective communication across all your teams.

  • Make sure important messages are received
  • Share critical updates, company policies, or video announcements
  • Communicate with all your staff from a central noticeboard

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An easier way to connect and communicate

Flexible collaboration software that helps any business stay organised

share information, documents, videos and images with Deputy software

What do you need to share?

Share company policies, training videos, whatever you need

Keep staff across essential material and make company communications more engaging. Record video announcements and post them straight to the News feed, share important workplace procedures, or introduce new team members.

All your communication in one place with Deputy software

Central noticeboard

Stay organised, no matter the situation

When things are moving quickly, it’s crucial to have a central noticeboard that keeps everyone in the loop. Deputy replaces multiple messaging apps, sticky notes, and lost texts for a single, clear source of company updates.

Get started quickly with Deputy news feed

Go mobile

Get started quickly on your device of choice

Manage your team from anywhere, on any device. Deputy is optimised for iPhone, iPad, Android, and desktop. Get started in minutes and easily onboard your staff.

handle all your team management system in one place

All-in-one system

Handle communication, rotas, and timesheets in one platform

Deputy offers a complete system for managing your people, no matter your line of work. Schedule employees to budget, manage day-to-day communication and shift swaps, and record accurate digital timesheets.

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Deputy rating
Deputy rating
Deputy rating
Deputy rating
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Why use Deputy?

Our software’s power, simplicity, and mobility has earned us 250,000 happy customers — who are our greatest advocates. With Deputy, you’re not just saving time and money. You’re finding a better way to do business.

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Discover more Deputy features

Employee scheduling

Employee Scheduling

Schedule staff based on demand, availability, and budget. Manage last-minute changes from any device.



Assign tasks to one employee or a whole group and get an update when they’re done.

icon shift swapping

Shift swapping

Allow employees to swap shifts with suitable team members when something unexpected comes up.

Time tracking with Deputy

Time tracking

Record accurate timesheets for flawless payroll — and check employee attendance in real-time.