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Less busy work, more business with AI smart scheduling software

Smart Scheduling helps you make smarter business decisions.
  • Gain visibility into team efficiency
  • Automatically schedule your best team members at the best time
  • Forecast and scale schedules based on sales and "busyness" data
  • Reinvest saved time on other mission-critical parts of your business
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Schedule your best team members at the best time

Better business insights through data

Scheduling statistics on Deputy schedule tab

Scheduling Statistics

Make informed business decisions

With real-time wage to sales data pulled directly into Deputy, get greater insight into hours worked, wages, and sales. Confidently make important scheduling decisions, wherever you are.

Demand forecasting

Business Insights Dashboard

Get the whole picture on efficiency

Access all your key business metrics in a centralised dashboard. Use data-driven insights to make wage-budgeting and scheduling improvements across your schedule.

Control costs with clear benchmarks demand planning

Budgets and Forecasting

Control costs with clear benchmarks

Use hour and wage budgets to set tangible targets for cost-effective scheduling. Real-time variance tracking provides the guardrails to self-correct while scheduling.

demand forecasting labor laws

Custom Labour Models

Take the guesswork out of scheduling

Create the perfect schedule based on logic rules and unique business requirements. With custom demand-based labour rules, ensure that minimum coverage requirements are met — while staying within budget.

Deputy auto scheduling

Auto Scheduling

Automatically create and distribute schedules in just a few clicks

Use all the rules you've set to create and distribute schedules in just a few clicks. No need to remember who can do what - Deputy remembers it and uses AI to automatically schedule the best employee at the best time.

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Why use Deputy?

Our software’s power, simplicity, and mobility have earned us 355,000 happy customers — who are our greatest advocates. With Deputy, you’re not just saving time and money. You’re making life easier for your teams and helping them provide better service.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is Smart Scheduling?

    Smart Scheduling is a powerful, AI-driven tool that condenses business data such as demand/sales data, optimal staffing numbers, coverage, and help, to help you automatically craft the perfect schedule.

  • What is the benefit of Smart Scheduling?

    You might be using spreadsheets and workarounds to try and express what your "gut" might be telling you. Now you can use the suite of Smart Scheduling tools in Deputy to get a handle on key business metrics, to look under the hood and begin to see trends and opportunities in your business more clearly.

  • How can I increase efficiency with Smart Scheduling?

    Smart Scheduling identifies inefficiencies in your business. By mapping sales/demand data with staffing requirements and labor costs, Smart Scheduling shows you where you can either save on labor costs, or increase output.

  • Will I save on labor costs using the Deputy app?

    The demand forecasting feature in Deputy will help management teams and leaders lower labor costs and optimize schedule coverage by leveraging historical data from your POS and payroll systems. Using one central dashboard, you're able to visualize insights to help make smarter scheduling decisions.

  • How does employee scheduling help scale my business?

    Using a platform for employee scheduling can provide huge time-savings for management teams allowing leaders to address larger business issues or other immediate operational concerns. Using demand-based automation models, you are able to create better schedules that are constantly adapting to changing needs.

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Time tracking with Deputy

Time tracking

Record accurate timesheets for perfect payroll — and check employee attendance in real-time.

employee scheduling with Deputy software

Employee Scheduling

Schedule staff based on demand, availability, and budget. Manage last-minute changes from any device.

Auto Scheduling

Auto scheduling

Use AI to forecase labor demand and create optimized schedules to match - it's brilliant.

Leave management

Leave management

Manage leave balances and requests with ease. Anywhere, anytime.