Whatever you do, Deputy works for you

It doesn’t matter what industry you work in. If you manage hourly paid or shift workers, Deputy can help you run your business better.

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Freeing people from day-to-day admin

Everywhere from call centres to healthcare

Call centres

Talking to customers is what you do best, so delegate the day-to-day admin to Deputy


Patient care can come first when you and your staff have 24/7 access to shifts and schedules from any device

Manufacturing & Logisitics

When every second counts, Deputy cuts through admin time so you can be as efficient as possible


Ensure facilities are always covered by helping employees swap shifts or locations easily

Cleaning services

Manage your cleaning staffs' schedules and communication in one easy-to-use platform


Onboard staff quickly and send them available shifts to reduce your admin time


Manage staff and substitutions easily so there are no gaps in your school days


With easy scheduling for bartenders, kitchen staff and servers, your customers get a better experience


Spend more time growing sales and less time wrestling with complicated schedules and timesheets

Financial services

Less admin, more profitability: streamline your business and deliver better with Deputy

Professional services

Focus on presentation and clients while your teams run smoothly behind the scenes


No industry runs faster than this one, but we make sure you keep up

Utilities & Public services

Run efficiently 24/7 by making sure your shifts are always covered across all locations

Media & Communications

Campaigns get better results when you can manage resources more smoothly


Effortlessly scale your team to suit the changing requirements of seasonal peaks.

Construction & Engineering

Manage staff and billing across across multiple sites and projects, no matter how complex


Cut down administration time to free up billable hours and build revenues


Make sure your people are in the right places at the right times with Deputy

Marine, Aviation & Aerospace

Keep track of crews and projects wherever in the world you are operating


Easily manage seasonal employees and empower them to provide five-star service.


With Deputy, employers and employees alike can make sure they never miss a shift again

Trusted by 200,000 workplaces across the globe

St Joseph’s Hospice
St Joseph’s Hospice
St Joseph’s Hospice

“Staff now know what shifts they are working on because they have the smartphone app. They are not coming in for the wrong shift. Before, sometimes when they were scheduled to work on the late shift they came on the early shift. It also sends notifications to them.”

Su San Chan, Head of HR