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Record accurate timesheets, pass to payroll software & HMRC in a click

Keep track of employee time and attendance with one simple app from Deputy UK
  • Easily collect & verify timesheets
  • Increase payroll accuracy for HMRC
  • See who's currently on shift or late
  • Get started quickly on any device
Track time and export timesheets to payroll easily with Deputy scheduling software


Automate timesheets to avoid errors and reduce paperwork

The UK's leading scheduling software

Time tracking software that delivers real-time visibility

manage employee attendance with Deputy time clock

Employee attendance

View real-time attendance

See who’s on shift, who’s running late, and who’s on break. When employees start and end shifts via our time tracking app, supervisors can get a live update.

break planning with Deputy


Help staff get the downtime they need

Make sure employees take the right breaks and stay at their best. First, use our scheduling software to allocate meal or rest breaks. Then our timesheet app will flag any breaks that are missed.

Award wages calculation with Deputy time clock


Automate wage calculations

Our timesheet software can calculate employee wages for every shift according to your local laws or employment contracts — including overtime pay or premium rates. Set up different rates for different roles and let Deputy crunch the numbers for you.

Report on rostered hours, budget against sales

Dynamic reports

Compare accurate labour hours, costs, and profits

Make sure your teams are running on budget. Our time tracking software helps managers compare scheduled hours against timesheet hours — and wage costs against sales.

Save hours on timesheets and payroll

600+ glowing reviews on Capterra

Why use our timesheet app?

Our software’s accuracy and ease-of-use has earned us 355,000 happy customers — who are our greatest advocates. Deputy doesn’t just save businesses from costly timesheet mistakes: it gives employees confidence that they’re paid correctly every time.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is an electronic timesheet?

    An electronic timesheet is a (much needed) upgrade on the traditional paper timesheet. It gives a manager all the same essential information: when an employee started and ended their shift, the breaks they took, and their total hours. But it captures this information with far greater accuracy and less hassle. Electronic timesheets are created automatically when an employee starts and ends their shift from a time tracking app.

  • What is a timesheet management system?

    A timesheet management system refers to software that makes the entire process of collecting and approving timesheets simple. A timesheet management system includes three core features: time tracking, attendance tracking, and timesheet collection.

    Together, they enable managers to easily record staff attendance, capture how much time employees spend on shift, collect automatic timesheets for approval, and export timesheets to their payroll software with one tap.

  • How can I track my employee hours?

    Time tracking software and apps offer an easy way to record accurate employee hours. All an employee needs to do is clock in and out of work via a time tracking app on their phone, tablet, or computer. Then the app creates an automatic timesheet with their total hours and breaks. Those timesheets can be verified with a location stamp or a photo to show they clocked in and out of the right location.

  • How do you keep track of employee attendance?

    Time tracking software is the easiest option for recording accurate staff attendance. An employee simply clocks in to work via the time tracking app on their phone and uses a GPS location stamp to verify their location, then does the same when they finish their shift. A manager can see when the employee has arrived at work, when they’ve gone on break, and when they’ve clocked off for the day.

  • How do I capture an employee’s location?

    With time tracking software, an employee can verify their location when they start and end work using a GPS location stamp. You can also see when team members start and end scheduled and unscheduled breaks.

  • Can I manually input employee hours into Deputy’s timesheet app?

    Yes, there are two options for manually filling timesheets with Deputy. If an employee forgets to clock in and out of work, their manager can input their timesheet details for them. Or you can allow employees to manually input their own start and end times, breaks details, and so on. Of course, a manager will still need to approve the timesheet.

  • Can I manage multiple locations with your time tracking software?

    Absolutely! You can set up as many locations as you like in Deputy and manage them seamlessly. Whether you need to schedule employees across different stores or approve their timesheets, you can view all your locations in one place and easily filter between them.

    When it comes to recording accurate work hours across locations, your staff can use our time tracking app on mobile or tablet — depending on what works best for your business. Using our app on tablet is great if you want employees to clock in and out of work from one fixed location on site. However, if you don’t want to set up a tablet at every one of your locations, staff can simply clock in and out from their own phones and use a GPS location stamp to show they were in the right place.

  • Can I export timesheets to a spreadsheet instead of payroll software?

    Yes, Deputy makes it simple to export timesheets to an Excel spreadsheet or your payroll system of choice.

  • So is Deputy a timesheet app, a time tracking app, or a time and attendance app?

    All of the above! Deputy is a complete system for recording employee hours, capturing where they start and end shifts, and turning that information into accurate, automatic timesheets for approval.

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