Hello HR: Deputy, So Much More Than a Rostering App

by Deputy Team, 4 minutes read
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At Deputy, our mission is to help businesses thrive. And when our customers thrive, we are energised.

We started our journey helping businesses transform how they manage rotas and timesheets, but over the years, our purpose has evolved. With our customers' ongoing support and feedback, we’ve realised that we can help businesses in many more ways.

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of our newest product suite: Deputy HR.

This new collection of features will help you attract and retain the best talent, onboard new hires without the usual mountain of paperwork, and manage all your team’s key HR documents in one smart digital hub.

Of course, these tools go hand in hand with Deputy’s rostering and time tracking features, giving you and your team a seamless, world-class experience from hiring and onboarding to rostering and payroll-ready timesheets.

Let’s look at how Deputy can support managers and employees at every step of their journey.

1. Hire the perfect team member fast

With Deputy Hire, we help you get open roles in front of the right candidates faster so you can watch the applications roll in. Need help writing the job ad? Our smart recommendations have you covered. Along the way, we help you juggle various recruitment tasks to speed up the hiring process so the perfect candidate doesn’t slip through your fingers.

2. Make an amazing first impression with smooth onboarding

We all know the importance of making a great first impression, and with Deputy New Hire Onboarding, we’ve got you covered. We’ve simplified all the manual processes, like chasing paperwork and signatures, so you can onboard your new team members today and roster them for tomorrow. The sooner they make a difference in your customers' lives, the better it is for the bottom line.

3. Manage HR admin like a pro in one place

Our newest HR Document Management feature brings all your team’s key details, documents and licenses together in one smart hub. So you can cut down on the paperwork in your life — and always know where to find that one document you’re looking for. It also automatically reminds your team to keep important licenses up to date, simplifying compliance and helping your business run smoothly.

4. Keep employee morale high from day dot

At Deputy, we’ve witnessed firsthand that happy employees deliver the best customer service. Offering team members the autonomy to swap shifts with their peers, easily request leave through our mobile app, or celebrate team milestones through the Deputy Newsfeed builds a great workplace culture. And, of course, trust is extremely important for team morale. With our time tracking and compliance tools, employees can have confidence that they’re being paid for their exact work hours every payroll.

5. Be an employer of choice

There’s nothing more empowering for an employee than feeling heard. Our Employee Engagement feature, Shift Pulse™, gives them a way to provide constructive feedback about their shift so managers can continually improve processes and ensure your workplace is a great place to be. We also help managers support their teams with simple dashboards that track how they feel.

6. Continue to grow and thrive

With detailed reporting that can help you roster more efficiently to meet demand and isolate where you’re overspending on labour, Deputy can help you maintain healthy profitability all year round. With a stronger bottom line, you can scale your business, hire more people and continue expanding your thriving team.

Being a business owner and team manager has never been a more exciting time. With the evolution of digital operations, it’s now easier to manage your business's day-to-day from your mobile, from anywhere.

Streamlined HR processes can help you scale your team with ease. Real-time data can help with everything from making workplace improvements that help you retain top performers to providing insights on where to pull back on spending when margins are tight.

At Deputy, these are the wins that we continue to invest heavily in for our customers. Because when your business thrives, we’re energised.

Let Deputy help you build connected, empowered teams — so your business thrives. Start a free trial today, or contact our sales team for a chat.