4 Easier (and More Accurate) Ways for Staff to Clock In

by Katie Sawyer, 3 minutes read
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It’s Monday night and your security team is heading to their posts. Figuring out the best way to track their time has been one of your biggest struggles. You don’t have time — and don’t want — to micromanage.

And at the same time, you want to be sure their hours are getting recorded correctly so you can send them an accurate paycheck.

Whether you’re managing multiple remote teams or a small team at one ice cream parlor, tracking time is easier than you think. Here are four easier and more accurate ways for staff to clock in.

1. Install a kiosk

When you manage a single-location pub or coffee shop, you want a consistent yet flexible way for your team to clock in. A kiosk is like a portable time clock, and perfect for static work environments because you can set it up in the place that works best for your location.

Once employees arrive at work,they can enter a unique PIN to start their shift. This is a great option for businesses with older staff, like Heuser Ace Hardware, who don’t have a smartphone. With a kiosk, employees can still clock in and out quickly.

And with the right employee time clock, you can also add an option to capture staff’s photos to verify the correct person is working each shift. In fact, University Veterinary Hospital gamified their clock in, creating a photo challenge for their team using facial recognition.

2. Go touchless

You’ve probably installed extra sanitizing wipes and hand gels around your grocery store or spaced out socially distanced tables at your outdoor restaurant. Maybe you’re handing out free masks in your medical clinic. You’re doing everything you can to keep your customers and clients safe.

Now you can keep your staff safe too, from the moment they clock in.

Facial recognition software creates a safe, handsfree clock-in and clock-out process for all employees. And at the same time, it captures to-the-minute time so you always have an accurate record of when someone is on the clock.

3. Go mobile

You can check the weather from your smartphone, rent an apartment, even video call with someone on the other side of the world. And efficient businesses let their staff clock in and out using their phones.

Mobile time clock apps geo-locate each employee at the exact time they start and end a shift, making it easier for them to work. And as a manager, you’ll always know their exact work time.

Take a cue from Perfect Cleaning Solutions. “Before, I didn’t know if people were on site. I had no way of proving to our clients that we had been there,” says Sarah Aoki, Managing Director of Perfect Cleaning Solutions. “But now, I don’t need to micromanage everybody. I know whether people are there or not just by opening up the app. It shows me the exact location they clocked in and out at.”

With a mobile time clock, you can collect accurate timesheets quickly and easily. Employees just clock in and out of work from their phones, verify their location, your app creates an automatic record. Easy peasy.

4. Surf the web

As a backup to mobile, you might want to offer the option to clock in from their web browser. Maybe they haven’t downloaded the app or their phone is on the fritz after it fell in some water. If your employees have access to a web browser on any device, they can log into your team’s account and clock in that way.

Faster, seamless clock in

Gone are the days of long lines by your clock in station — and worse — inconsistent and incorrect timesheets.

Streamline your clock in process and keep your staff happy, healthy, and correctly paid in the process. Sign up for a free trial of Deputy to learn how clocking in can help you clock out early.

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