Essential Tools for Staff Engagement and Retention in Retail in 2022

by Sarah Niderost, 3 minutes read
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Teams are under a huge amount of pressure. Staff engagement and retention seem like they've never been harder — or more important to prioritize.

Sure, there are many protocols you can create to engage and retain your staff. But there are easy-to-use tools that can help too. Continue reading for six effective tools you can use at your business to boost staff engagement and retention this year.

1. An up-to-date benefits platform

You can create a great benefits and rewards experience for your staff. And platforms like Terryberry can help them access their benefits a lot quicker while getting a great overall view of their workplace perks.

Having a benefits platform shows your employees that you care about ensuring a positive workplace culture for them — and they’ll be more motivated knowing they’re getting rewarded for all of their hard work.

2. A great form of communication

Texting all of your employees back and forth can get chaotic fast — and texts can easily get forgotten. Instead of risking communication breakdowns and confusion, implement a communication platform where you and your team can stay up to date in one organized place.

If someone calls out sick, you’ll be able to find a replacement fast without sending a barrage of texts, and your team members can keep each other in the loop on key updates. If your communication app has a news feed feature, you can share important workplace news and health protocols with all of your staff at once and get a confirmation to ensure nothing is missed.

3. An all-in-one scheduling app

It can get frustrating for your staff to find another printed spreadsheet with the wrong shifts assigned to them. Instead of going back and editing every schedule and double-checking them, get an easy-to-use scheduling app that your employees can access instantly from any device.

Rather than printing a ton of spreadsheets, you can go into your app and make quick edits or swaps. Smart scheduling platforms can also view your employees’ agreed hours and auto-schedule for you. So you’ll save time scheduling, and your staff get a more convenient experience. Win-win.

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4. An engagement questionnaire

Get a pulse on how your staff is feeling as soon as they clock in so you can address any problems and uplift morale. With a pre-shift questionnaire, you’ll discover challenges your team is facing and show that you care about their experiences. It’s one of the simplest ways to keep them engaged and make sure their workplace is one that motivates them, instead of one that burns them out.

5. Provide a task list

Assigning last-minute tasks to your employees can easily overwhelm them. By providing a task list before they clock in, they’ll be more prepared to complete their workload before the end of their shift. And they won’t find any unexpected assignments coming their way.

6. Work on a mentorship program

Many shift workers look forward to advancing their careers at their workplace. And if you don’t present any opportunities to help them learn and grow at work, the less you’ll be able to retain them. An easy way you can support your staff’s growth is by encouraging them to help train and mentor new staff that come into the business, building valuable leadership skills.

Start the year with staff support

Employee engagement and retention are key assets to your business’s success this year. And when you put effort into focusing on it more, you’ll notice your workplace transform for the better.

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