How Europeans Are Finding the Positives Amid a Global Pandemic

by Katie Sawyer, 1 minute read
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As COVID-19 disrupts the everyday life of people around the world, businesses, their employees, and their customers are finding ways to stay positive and get through the situation together. Here are some stories that highlight what people are doing to uplift each other during this time.

Note: Although this is being updated regularly, these stories are not all-inclusive of the amazing work being by businesses and consumers.

Italians are using their balconies to spread positive messages

While Italians are quarantined, they are using their balconies to sing, wave, and share banners of love with their neighbours.

Airline CEOs forgoing salaries to keep staff employed

CEOs are stepping up to keep their staff safe. Just look at what some of these airlines are doing to help.

Perfume and alcohol producers to start making hand sanitizer

Amid their perfume and cosmetics line, LVMH will also start producing hand sanitizer, along with Brewdog and Vedan Spirits. The hand sanitizer isn’t for sale but will be provided to those who need it most in the health system and care facilities.

Using 3D printers to help those in need

These experts are looking to use 3D printers to create additional respirators for hospitals in need.

Fitness studios are offering live online workouts

Although their studios might be closed, Digme Fitness and Barry’s are reaching their patrons by streaming workouts online.

Fitness not your thing?

Bread Ahead has been running daily live and free baking workshops.

Supporting the healthcare industry and its employees

The  Stock exchange hotel and Hotel Football owned by Gary Neville along with Chelsea FC’s Millennium Hotel are allowing health workers to stay in their hotels for free of charge. They may soon be joined by major hotel chains such as Best Western, Hilton, Holiday Inn, Travelodge and Whitbread’s Premier Inn Chain. Meanwhile, Borough Wines are offering a well-deserved 20% discount on all wines to NHS workers.

Supermarkets recruit those suddenly unemployed

Whilst some industries may have vanished overnight, supermarkets are hiring workers to deal with their high demand. Asda, Tesco, Co-Op, Iceland, Sainsbury’s and Aldi all have vacancies.

Restaurants to become mini-supermarkets

To deal with the lack of demand for sit-in dining and alleviate the pressure on supermarkets, restaurants and cafes have turned into mini-supermarkets, selling a variety of ready to eat food and essentials. Watch this space!