How Goodman McDonald’s Group Strives to be the Big Mac of Business

by Guest Contributor, 2 minutes read
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I’m Jarred Lokietz, the VP of Innovation for the Goodman McDonald’s Group. A fancy title, but it doesn’t mean much.

Whether you stop in for a burger or just want some fries, chances are you’ve visited a McDonald’s at some point. And if you’re in New York, chances are you’ve stopped by (or at least walked by) one of the Goodman McDonald’s Group’s locations.

Jarred Lokietz, the VP of Innovation for the Goodman McDonald’s Group, knows his way around the hospitality industry. He’s got a passion for innovation and a knack for hitting it big in the Big Apple. Read on to learn more about Jarred and life in the fast (food) lane.

How do you stay relevant in the hospitality industry in New York City?

Goodman McDonald’s Group owns and operates 18 McDonald’s locations throughout the New York Metro region of New York. So we’re constantly evolving. As you can imagine, there’s a lot of competition in New York, especially in the Quick Service Industry. There are a lot of new quick-service restaurants coming, so we constantly have to evolve. But one thing that never changes is that we need to make sure we’re providing fantastic guest service to all of our customers.

How are you using mobile technologies to grow your business?

We have a global McDonald’s mobile app, which offers tons of deals. Using this app, our customers have the ability to place their orders using their phones. When they reach a certain distance from the restaurant, it automatically sends their order to the kitchen. So when they arrive, their food is prepared and ready for pickup. We see a lot of traffic through that channel, as well as delivery. Delivery is increasingly bringing more and more volume throughout our restaurants.

What was your first hourly paid job?

My first hourly job was in a little Italian restaurant in Boca Raton, Florida. I was a busboy. That’s where I really found a love for customer service and the fast-paced world of hospitality. Ever since then, I’ve been sticking to restaurants and hospitality — and here I am.

What life lessons did that job teach you?

Balance. You always want to try to do what’s right. That especially goes for taking care of your employees. It’s important to make sure their happiness is your utmost responsibility. You need to be able to hold them accountable while maintaining a fun work experience. Be approachable. But ensure all decisions are made in the best interest of the business.

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