How Technology Can Enable Work-Life Balance

by Ashik Ahmed, 2 minutes read
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I walked into my local bookshop the other night and the young man behind the counter looked half asleep. I asked after his state of being. He said he didn’t know that he was working until twenty minutes before he left for work. He was having a nap at home, somehow found out he was working that night, then sprinted to the bookshop. The poor chap thought he was working the following night.

It turns out the bookshop’s rostering schedule requires staff to come in, photocopy the company’s roster through an antiquated fax machine, and then take that piece of paper home. The bookshop’s fax machine looked about twenty years old. He had misplaced that piece of paper. I felt sorry for the guy.

Maybe the bookshop doesn’t need a full web-based system to manage its rostering schedule.

There are plenty of businesses that rely on the staff notice-board or pieces of paper to find out when their next shift is. Staff have to track down the duty manager and talk about and negotiate their upcoming shifts. Often staff come into work not knowing what they are required to do on that shift.

It doesn’t make sense in this cloud computing world does it? The web is changing how we all communicate at work, how we store our files, and how we collaborate on tasks.

Surely, this should now extend to how we manage our work/life balance, and how we split our private time with the hours we spend earning a salary?

For the business owner, or employer, they should think about what they are doing to keep their best staff, and how they can provide them with communications tools and technologies that make their work life a little easier.

Do your employees really need to physically come into the workplace to know what is going on?
Is your management team ready for a more smooth technology-driven approach in the workplace?
Is your workplace keeping up with the competition when it comes to communicating with its employees?
How can you make your staff more productive by offering easy web-based tools?
How will easy cloud-based communications tools make your staff happier?
Ok, some of those questions are no-brainers, but are you thinking about them?

The business world these days requires quick decision-making, brilliant customer service and the ability to adapt to new opportunities. If you are struggling to cope with these challenges, your staff deserve the best tools and equipment to manage these pressures.

Technology should exist to eliminate the unimportant things that happen in the workplace. That includes checking what time you start work. Your work life should sit in your cloud-based email calendar and tell you when its time to clock in. It’s time for the old fax machine and the photocopied roster template to go.

Wouldn’t you agree?