Creating a Workplace that Retains and Motivates Healthcare Staff - Infographic

by Isioma Daniel, 1 minute read
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Putting your people front and centre has never been more important today. With over 100,000 vacancies in the social care sector, keeping your existing staff happy is crucial.

So how do you know what motivates and keeps your staff happy, engaged and driven to deliver the best care possible?

Deputy has spoken with over a thousand UK healthcare workers to answer that very question.  They love their work, they just want work to love them back. 

Our healthcare retention infographic shows you:

1. How to create the right conditions that will attract and retain care home talent 

2. How getting scheduling right improves shift work wellbeing

3. What keeps your shift workers happy, motivated and engaged

Download the infographic as a PDF to email to colleagues or check it out in infographic form below!