How to Make Your Restaurant Stand Out From the Crowd in 2022

by Sarah Niderost, 3 minutes read
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In 2021, restaurants all over the world converted their typical business operations into new ones. With contactless ordering, delivery menus, meal kits, and more, you did everything you could to stay afloat.

This year, get your business back on track and stand out from your competitors. Read on for six ways you can make your restaurant stand out from the crowd. 

Update your menu

77% of diners check restaurant websites before visiting them. If you want to ensure a new reservation is booked with every click on your website, keep your menu up-to-date with daily or weekend specials, holiday dishes, and seasonal upgrades.

If you have pages of dishes on your physical menu, keep it short and sweet online. The more time prospective diners spend on your website trying to find what they want to eat, the more they’ll want to get on one of your competitor’s websites and find what they want in less time. 

While limiting the number of menu items posted, make sure you’re keeping the dishes that define your brand and your customers’ favorites. 

Touch up your food photography

People really do eat with their eyes. You have a big opportunity to make your restaurant stand out from the crowd with eyecatching food photography to make every item on your menu shine.

When taking new photos of dishes, use indirect natural light to bring just the right amount of brightness to define the entrees’ best features. If you have a whimsical chocolate mold as a garnish to a cheesecake or you’ve added some shimmer to your cocktails, mix up your angles so you end up having the perfect shot — and plenty of great photos to share on social media.

Pay attention to the table set up surrounding the items you take photos of. A messy background won’t appeal to prospective customers.

Engage with your local community on social media

You have a community that surrounds your restaurant. It’s full of other local stores, cafes, and more. Engaging with it shows that you’re actively involved and that you’re a people-focused business. 

An easy way to engage with your community is through social media. Follow local stores, schools, and local governments. If you are carrying a neighboring cafe’s coffee beans, post a photo and tag them in it. Showing your support is a great way to catch new diners’ eyes. 

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Create a newsletter 

Two great ways to increase traffic to your restaurant are by offering menu specials or hosting community events. And a newsletter can let your diners know about these marketing efforts.

When customers make a reservation, allow them to sign up for your newsletter using the email they made their reservation with. Make sure your newsletter is easy to read, short and sweet, with standout imagery that captivates people to come to your restaurant.

Update your Google My Business profile

Google is one of the top online directories you need to have your restaurant listed on. Google My Business is free and it’s easy to use. With a business profile, you can manage your online presence across the platform, make your restaurant more easily searchable, and put it on the maps feature.

After you create your profile, remember to list your hours of operation and keep them updated. If you have limited hours on public holidays or when your restaurant is booked for an event, you’ll need to have that information available to potential customers.

Don’t forget to add photos of everything from your business – from dining areas and private event spaces to dishes and drinks. 

Send customers mail 

73% of consumers prefer being contacted via direct mail because they can read it whenever they want, so create a standout postcard to promote your business. 

Level up your customer engagement by sending them mail on their birthday with special offers, or send them a festive card to celebrate the holidays. You’ll be sure to stick out from the mail pile with pictures of your delicious food, inviting guests to make a visit to your restaurant. 

Catch your customer’s eye

The hospitality industry is very competitive. But if you focus on new, strategic efforts to bring more customers to your door, they’ll be there in no time.

Want to learn more about how you can grow your business this year? Download The Essential Guide to Growing Your Business in 2022.  

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