How Tribeca Pediatrics is Efficiently Running Over 30 Offices

by Diana Lam, 2 minutes read
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Tribeca Pediatrics opened its first office in lower Manhattan two decades ago. Today, the practice is running thirty-two offices. 

With plans to open more locations this year, it was important to their HR team to increase office efficiency and productivity as much as possible.

But when juggling two HR systems to manage employee schedules and payroll reports was slowing down their team’s work, they knew it was time to make a change.

“It was time-consuming looking at two different systems,” says Melissa F., HR Director of Tribeca Pediatrics.

That’s when they decided to use one platform that’s able to help them manage all HR operations. Read on to learn how this change was instrumental in helping their team reduce manual work and save hours — or even days — per week.

Using one system to streamline all HR tasks

Tribeca Pediatrics’ HR department manages everything from recruiting, credentialing, onboarding, and employee scheduling. They also oversee payroll, time and attendance, as well as benefits.

With a variety of tasks to manage, their team upgraded to one reliable system that can manage staff scheduling, time tracking, and reporting. To make their workflows even more efficient, they chose a system that integrates with their existing payroll system.

Ever since they made this update, staff doesn’t need to use more than one log-in or manually cross-check work. Now, they can use the time they lost to focus on other important projects.

“The two systems didn’t talk to each other, so that was difficult. Getting rid of two systems and breaking them down into one definitely has helped with [regaining] our time,” Melissa explains.

Removing manual work

Tribeca Pediatrics ensures their staff doesn’t have “to go through cumbersome, manual processes.”

With one easy-to-use system, they can “pull the data they need and see everything on one screen” to create essential monthly reports. 

Their team has saved hours per week with a solution that’s been simpler for both managers and staff to use. They don’t need to go back and forth between two systems to make sure payroll and staff benefits match. And they’re not spending extra hours to check if inputs are accurate.

Staff are happier because they don’t have excess admin work and can catch up on accumulated tasks since the change.

Focus on quality care and team connection 

Tribeca Pediatrics has a team of dedicated pediatricians who commit to providing quality care for every patient. They offer 24/7 medical guidance and are open on weekends and evening hours to ensure every patient gets taken care of.

Tribeca Pediatrics managers also take time to bond with their team. They’ve used their regained time to get into the field and visit their teams more.

For more tips on how to maximize efficiency across all your worksites, download The Practice Manager’s Guide to Increasing Efficiency Across Multiple Locations.