Streamline and Simplify: Introducing Deputy’s Revamped Leave Management Solution

by Isioma Daniel, 1 minute read
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Fed up with time spent managing leave entitlements and balances?

Are you frustrated with working across multiple systems for leave requests and accrual?

Tired of confusion over who’s due annual leave by when?

Fear not!  Deputy’s new leave management system will bring clarity and calm to your work life!

Managing leave accurately is complex and time consuming, and from the start of 2023, the Deputy product team have been working hard on updating and improving our leave management product. Our re-launched Leave Management 2.0 provides one place to manage leave and an easy automated way of ensuring your part-time workers are accurately paid. 

Our customers have already begun to experience the time savings Leave Management offers. 

“Our industry has been waiting for software to calculate our employee’s average leave entitlement. We’ve finally managed to ditch the spreadsheets and lengthy data entry and let Deputy do it all for us,” says Rob Crawford, Financial Director of Coach Services Limited.

So, what have we improved? 

Well, we’re glad you asked.

1. New Accrual Engine

A purpose-built, robust, auditable accrual engine, allowing Deputy customers to accrue leave on Deputy reliably.

  • Hourly accrual: Accrue leave based on hours worked.

  • Fixed release: Accrue leave in advance or release a fixed leave balance amount according to defined frequencies (weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly).

  • Accrue based on agreed hours: Accrue pro-rata leave per the employee’s agreed working hours. 

2. Leave Policy Builder

Set up and customise accrual rates, max balance caps, rollovers, resets and more flexible leave policies which suit business policies.

3. UK Holiday Pay Calculation

For UK workers with fluid or variable working hours, you can now dynamically calculate average working hours with a look-back period of up to 52 weeks and pay your staff accurately for their holiday. 

4. Leave Agreed Hours

Accrue leave based on employees' agreed hours and leave requests can now follow an arranged hours setup. Agreed hours are now auto-suggested when submitting and approving leave. 

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