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by Ashik Ahmed, 1 minute read
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There are lot of things money can buy but time isn’t one of them. At Deputy, we are all about saving time for our users. If we can save a Deputy user five minutes from having to do manual mundane tasks, then that five minutes can be better spent in doing something other than work: spending time with family, relaxing or looking after themselves.

This is what our latest iOS release is all about. Now you can do rostering and timesheet approval straight from the phone! No need to go back to the computer anymore.

This release contains several improvements:

  • Full employee scheduling
  • See rosters for today or any day in future
  • See past timesheets
  • Copy shifts from day to day
  • Publish weekly shifts
  • Change shifts
  • Add open shifts
  • Delete shifts
  • Approve timesheets
  • Bulk approve
  • Discard timesheet
  • See weather of the day
  • Notification swipe will take you straight to the item
  • Fully responsive design for iPad and iPhone 6 plus.

We’ve also moved things around – Employees shifts and clock on/off have been moved to the Me tab. The team tab has been dedicated to showing the complete team list. So, if you want to see who is on break or late, just head to the Schedule tab.


Providing complete rostering functionality on iOS has been one of our biggest requests. We have been working on it for over a year and our design and engineering team has made sure it’s near perfect and rock solid! We are the only mobile app that provides full scheduling and timesheet approval straight from a mobile device.

We are not done yet, in fact we are only just getting started. There are numerous updates coming to iOS in the upcoming months.

Get the latest, head over to AppStore and download it today!!