Our new-look Android App: just the beginning.

by Ashik Ahmed, 1 minute read
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The new look ‘Me’ screen

Recently, Deputy’s Android App users have been inundating us with requests for new and better features.

So we beefed up our Android development team, and gave them the mission to make the Deputy Android App completely awesome.

Today we have reached the first milestone in that mission – with the release of Deputy for Android 2.0

We’ve done a lot of work under the hood, and made significant changes to the look of the interface. You will experience greatly improved performance. You won’t see a lot of extra features today, but the hard work we have done will set us up to deliver more great features, more rapidly, in the next few weeks. This is a foundation for amazing things to come.

So what’s new?

Everything looks a bit different.

The ‘Me’ screen is where you’ll now start and end shifts and breaks, and find upcoming shifts or past timesheets.


Otherwise, you can do everything you are used to, with the following added benefits:

  • You’ll experience much better performance overall
  • You can add comments when ending a shift
  • You can change shift start and end time (if you have permission)
  • You can change department/area when starting a shift (via Shift Details button)
  • You can see scheduled breaks in upcoming shifts
  • You can get directions to work locations in Google Maps from your current location
  • We now fully support Android Marshmallow

So, go to the Play Store and upgrade now, stay tuned for some great features coming very soon, and keep up the great feedback and feature suggestions.