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by Chris Cooning, 4 minutes read
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Every year at Deputy, we host a company-wide Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) week to complete new projects that promote fairness both within the Deputy product and across our business.

From that focused week last year, we developed a few product enhancements that not only improve the employee experience for clinic staff, but any business.

  • Timesheet reviews for employees to help build transparency between managers and employees

  • Preferred names in employee profiles to allow staff to be represented by the name they feel most comfortable with

  • Allowing opt-in/opt-out if the gender field to ensure staff don’t feel biased or pressured for personal, unnecessary information

Timesheet review for healthcare teams

We know that one of the most important assets to any clinic is its healthcare staff, and having a culture of trust and transparency in the workplace is paramount to staff retention.

The timesheet history review log for employees details changes that have been made to start or end times — and whether it was a manager change or a system change.

Timesheet History Log

Because working in a healthcare office can be hectic, team members may forget to clock in or out — or a walk-in patient might come in two minutes before closing and hold staff beyond their scheduled shift.

A review log also allows for comments to be left by the manager approving the timesheet, allowing an explanation as to why a timesheet has been adjusted.

We’ve also included a “review timesheet” notification setting that practice managers can enable to remind employees to check their timesheets prior to payroll.

Adding preferred names

Our name is one of our most important connections to our identity. For many people, their legal name and the name they would like to be called by others are not the same.

Deputy’s Employee profiles allow clinic staff to add their preferred name, whether this is their first name or a nickname.

This preferred name will then be reflected internally as a display name across the Deputy platform, while also retaining the employee’s legal name for payroll and reporting purposes.

Preferred Name

Optional gender field in employee profiles

The ability to capture employee gender is an optional field that healthcare clinics will need to turn on if they wish for it to display to employees. We recognize that this may be part of company policy or part of mandatory government payroll reporting, so this option is able to be turned on at any time.

To ensure inclusivity of all genders should this be a mandatory field, we’ve also included additional options for employees to select “non-binary” and “prefer not to say” in addition to male and female.

Display Gender in Employee Profile Option

Employee engagement for a thriving workplace

This year, for our 2nd annual DEI week, we at Deputy have decided to continue our tradition and will be releasing a feature that captures employee satisfaction after each shift.

Employee Engagement Mockup

By capturing employee satisfaction after each shift, as well as statistics like late starts, no shows, or dropped shifts, managers can gain a birds-eye view of employee engagement over time and address issues quickly to build a better work culture.

We also have a few other features underway that focus on improving the employee experience and making their feedback of our product heard.

  • A Shift Fairness report to show the average number of hours that each employee has worked and provides a “fairness rating” based on how consistent the hours are spread across teams.

  • Using AI as a tool to capture the sentiment in customer feedback across various channels to allow us to identify issues quickly so that Deputy is able to listen to and support all users in the product.

  • Updates to Deputy on Apple Watch — enabling team members to clock into and out of their shifts using their watch.

While we do not yet have a final release date for these features, the Deputy team is excited to engage in these initiatives during this year’s DEI week.

Our DEI Statement

At Deputy, we strive to build teams internally that are as diverse as the workplaces we support globally — where each team member is empowered, valued, and supported.

We will only thrive when there is diversity, inclusivity, respectful collaboration, and equitable treatment. Whenever we see a barrier to these values, we must stand against it.

We will continue to lead with empathy, treat one another with respect and dignity, and celebrate our differences. We expect every Deputy to join us on this journey of continuous education: of listening, learning, and improving ourselves — and our practices.

This philosophy underpins our approach to both our product and our business as we go on the journey to enrich the lives of shift workers and employers.

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