Set Dynamic Pay Rates for Your Agile Workforce

by Deepesh Banerji, 1 minute read
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Please note, this feature is only currently available to a select number of Premium accounts. If you would like to be included as part of this BETA group, please leave us a few details in the following form.

With Deputy’s new Pay by Area feature, you can allow your team to flexibly move between roles, while ensuring they’re paid correctly for the work they’re performing.

In today’s world of work, it’s common to have employees that are qualified to work across a variety of different roles and responsibilities.

Whether you’re just getting up and running or you’re navigating through a crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic, you might need to work with a lean, adaptable team. And that team will need to work where your business needs them.

If those roles trigger varied contract conditions or rates of pay outside of what they would usually be entitled to, you need an easy way to make sure they get paid the correct rate.

This is where Deputy can help do the heavy lifting.

Using Pay by Area, employers can ensure that when an employee is scheduled to a particular area that would have them performing duties outside of the normal, the appropriate pay rate and conditions will be triggered for that employee.

Whether additional hazard pay, a higher rate of pay for performing higher duties, or simply managing varied overtime conditions that may apply for working a different role, Deputy will reflect this in real-time on the schedule, giving you an accurate view of your labor percentage.