The Real Truth About Shift Work and Job Satisfaction

by Katie Sawyer, 1 minute read
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If you think that shift workers don’t care about the future, think again. And those career aspirations impact how shift workers think about their job and what they’re doing at their job.

While retention is often an issue in some industries, like hospitality, a saying seems to be holding true: Employees don’t leave bad jobs — they leave bad managers.

Enable your team to swap shifts with other employees in their squad to avoid last-minute no-shows. And ensure staff know what’s expected from them. You and your team should have clear alignment about what hours they need to work and what tasks they need to perform. Use your communication app — and turn on read receipts — so you have a clear record of communication.

Based on a survey of more than 1,400 shift workers, test your knowledge in the quiz below to find out the real truth about shift work and job satisfaction. Then, download The 2020/2021 State of Shift Work Report to learn more about what’s top of mind for shift workers, and how managers can keep up.

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