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by Caity Wynn, 7 minutes read
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Best accounting and payroll software for small businesses

Here at Deputy, we strive for the best. Over the years we have partnered with some of the top payroll integrations out there. Online payroll software makes it easy to calculate wages, pay employees via direct deposit, and file taxes.

Why do you need payroll management software? Well for one, payroll duties can create a huge burden and unwanted stress for small and large business owners. Payroll software simplifies and automates those tasks to shorten cycle times and reduce manual errors.

Choosing the best payroll software

Cloud accounting and payroll software are changing the way businesses manage their finances. Choosing the best payroll software that best fits your business is essential. Deputy integrates with a wide range of payroll providers helping your business realize the value of a truly connected workplace. In this article, we’ll go over our top pick (in no particular order) payroll software for accounting and payroll service providers that we use here at Deputy:

Plenty of pluses

In addition to saving you time and money, other benefits of cloud accounting and payroll software include:

  • Efficiency and ease of use.

  • The centralizing of the business’s financial functions.

  • Being able to access the software anywhere, anytime.

  • Higher accuracy and the automation of a range of tasks.

  • The financial insights they provide.

  • The ability to integrate with other services and applications

  • Being able to invest more time in other areas of your business, like growth and development.

Ideal cloud-based software options for small business

<div id="xero" style="margin-top: -86px; padding-top: 86px;"><p><a href=""><strong>Xero</strong></a></p><p>Used by over one million customers, Xero’s key features include invoicing, quotes, payroll, inventory, expenses, bank reconciliation, payments and more. Xero is also supported by a mobile app. In addition to payroll management, it has strong asset management capabilities, offer approval levels, inventory tracking, and much more. There are three tiers of monthly plans (Starter, Standard, Premium), each of which offers different levels of access. Watch <a href="">this video</a> to see how easy it is to use Xero on your Deputy app.</p><blockquote><p><i><span style="font-weight: 400;">“</span></i><a href=""><i><span style="font-weight: 400;">By utilizing Xero and Deputy, we have completely revolutionized the way we run our business,” said Christie Murdoch, owner of boutique retail store Banyan Tree and early user of the integrated offering. “We have been able to automate otherwise painful tasks including scheduling and payroll, and I have more time and attention to focus on my customers and growing my business.”</span></i></a></p></blockquote><p> </p><hr><div id="gusto" style="margin-top: -86px; padding-top: 86px;"><p><strong><a href="">Gusto</a></strong></p><p>Gusto is also a growing <a href="">benefits management platform</a>. You can purchase workers compensation insurance, set up 401K retirement plans, or create tuition savings plans directly through the program. Health benefits are available in 17 states, with more coming. They also offer more advanced HR tools, certified HR advisory services, and benefits such as HSAs, FSAs, and commuter. Learn how to integrate Gusto with your Deputy app <a href="">here</a>.</p><hr><div id="square" style="margin-top: -86px; padding-top: 86px;"><p><strong><a href="">Square</a></strong></p><p>Best known for their payment processing system and Point of Sale, Square also offers software that covers invoicing, customer database and feedback, employee management (including employee sales and timecards) and custom apps. Pricing is based on the services used, with hardware charged at a one-off price and software as a percentage of every use or employee.</p><hr><div id="bamboohr" style="margin-top: -86px; padding-top: 86px;"><p><a rel="nofollow" href=""><strong>BambooHR</strong></a></p><p><span style="font-weight: 400;">The integration between Deputy and BambooHR allows easy staff data to sync from BambooHR into Deputy. Employee information, demographics, locations and their time-off requests, jobs, pay rates and other information can be automatically populated. It will allow you to support compliance overtime and FLSA regulations. You can </span><span style="font-weight: 400;"><a href="">easily export the payroll information to Deputy into Bamboo payroll</a>.</span></p><hr><div id="quickbooks" style="margin-top: -86px; padding-top: 86px;"><p><strong><a href="">QuickBooks</a></strong></p><p>QuickBooks brings together features including invoicing, payroll, expenses, bill management, and the ability to track inventory and billable hours. Users can choose from four monthly plans (Mobile App, Simple Start, Essentials, Plus), which scale up from soles traders to small businesses with multiple users.</p><hr><div id="cloudpayroll" style="margin-top: -86px; padding-top: 86px;"><p><a href=""><strong>Cloud Payroll</strong></a></p><p>Cloud Payroll aim to simplify managing payroll with features including HR, leave management, payroll and super. Your team can also use the Employee Kiosk mobile app for payslips, leave applications and tax summaries. Cloud Payroll’s Standard plan is the best fit for small and medium-sized businesses, with the cost calculated monthly based on the number of employees and frequency of payroll required. <span style="font-weight: 400;">Deputy timesheets collected via kiosk or smartphones can be pushed to QuickBooks in a matter of seconds. </span><a href=""><span style="font-weight: 400;">Deputy works with QuickBooks Desktop and Online seamlessly.</span></a></p><hr><div id="sage" style="margin-top: -86px; padding-top: 86px;"><p><a href=""><strong>Sage</strong></a></p><p><a href="">Sage</a> offers a range of cloud software including accounting, payroll, and employee management. Sage One is their small business and start-up offering, which allows users to manage invoices, expenses, and inventory, and includes free payroll for up to five employees as part of the monthly subscription fee. Sage Live, which was built on the Salesforce App Cloud, is their more comprehensive cloud accounting offering for small and mid-sized businesses of 10 to 200 employees.</p><hr><div id="mybob" style="margin-top: -86px; padding-top: 86px;"><p><strong><a href="">MYOB</a></strong></p><p>MYOB offers a range of monthly plans for small business. The MYOB Essentials Plan (of which there are three tiers) includes GST, invoice, reporting, expenses and payroll functions. The next level plan, MYOB AccountRight (which also has three tiers), offers all that the Essentials plan does, along with inventory, timesheets, and project, supplier and job tracking. Deputy currently supports <a href="">MYOB Award Interpretation</a>, <a href="">MYOB Desktop</a>, and <a href="">MYOB AccountRightLive</a>.</p><hr><p><strong>Payroll software free</strong></p><p>Is your business interested in free payroll software? Most major payroll software programs offer free trials. Deputy suggests trying out the above accounting and payroll software before making any decisions.</p><p>Free is nice, but free isn’t always the best value. Make sure to compare and contrast each accounting and payroll provider to make the best decision for your small business.</p><p><em>Are there any actual free accounting and payroll software?</em></p><ul><li>Yes. <a href=""></a> offers totally free payroll software, but only if you’ve got 25 or fewer employees. If free is your main criteria, and your business is truly small, this is the free software for payroll solution that you need.</li></ul><hr><p><strong>Benefit your bottom line</strong></p><p>Payroll software can make your life easier. Pick the <a href="">payroll service</a> that matches up with what your business needs.</p><p><b>These are just some of the cloud accounting and payroll software and apps that integrate with Deputy. <a href="">Learn more</a></b><b> about Deputy and how it can help you grow your business in 2018.</b></p></div></div></div></div></div></div></div></div>