Unveiling the Happiest Workers: Hospitality Shines in New Study!

by Isioma Daniel, 2 minutes read
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We've got some exciting insights from our latest study about hospitality workers' feelings after their shifts. And guess what? They are the happiest bunch compared to other industries! 

Over 170,000 UK workers responded, and we discovered four key lessons that can help HR managers and employers in any field.

Here's the scoop: 50% of hospitality workers felt 'amazing,' and 30% felt 'good' at the end of their shifts from January to June 2023. Only 7% were 'frustrated' or 'stressed,' while healthcare and services had the highest percentage of 'ok' responses.

To understand this positive mood, we spoke with top employers in the industry, like Atlas Hotels, citizenM, and Honest Burgers. They shared some great tips to keep their teams happy and thriving during these challenging times:

  1. Flexibility for employers: Embrace a liquid workforce to adapt to demand and tap into a diverse talent pool with variable shift patterns and flexible hours.

  2. Flexibility for employees: Boost team morale by letting workers have more control over their schedules, leading to better performance, customer satisfaction, and retention. Our staff scheduling software makes it a breeze to choose preferred shifts, swap with colleagues, and request time off right from their phones.

  3. Transparency: Investing in tools that foster effective communication and collaboration between employees, especially when dealing with various profiles and availability, is essential.

  4. Wellbeing: Financial stress can affect job performance, so consider offering financial education and faster access to earnings to support your team members.

Deputy’s data highlighted a significant improvement in the advanced planning of shifts in the hospitality industry over the past 12 months. Workers received an average of 10.5 days' notice for their shifts between January and June 2022, which increased to just under 12 days during the same period this year. At the same time, managers reduced last-minute changes to rosters and cancellations of shifts from 7% to 4%.

Jon Wilson, SVP at Deputy, is thrilled with the positive changes employers are making to care for their staff and show appreciation. “This directly relates to the point about giving workers more control. We know that a lack of planning and last-minute changes can be incredibly stressful for shift workers, especially for those who need to plan childcare for their shifts or people who work multiple jobs. These are excellent indicators that employers are making positive changes to prioritise the welfare of team members. Leading with compassion and embracing a well-being culture is vital to creating thriving workplaces.”

To get the complete Shift Worker Happiness Index, check it out here. Happy reading!