10 Valentine’s Messages Retail and Hospitality Managers Want to Receive

by Katie Sawyer, 3 minutes read
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Working in the retail and hospitality industries can be stressful, especially during seasonal times of the year. You’re no doubt gearing up for Valentine’s Day right now and pulling out all the stops to ensure your customers and guests feel the love.

But what about you? Who is going to make your heart skip a beat and put a spring in your step when you have so much to do and so much to think about?

Here’s to those retail and hospitality managers who keep things moving even on the toughest days. Read on for 10 Valentine’s messages you want to receive.

1. Your customer service rocks my world

No matter what the problem, you always find a solution for your customers. From holding their favorite table by the window to finding a garment in a specific color, you won’t rest until they walk out of the door happy and satisfied. That’s what sets you apart from the rest. You rock.

2. You have a wicked cool style

If you work in the retail business, your style can influence customers more than you think. Whether you have your own signature style or flaunt your uniform, your “look” just works. Customers come up to you and say, “Where can I buy that?” And you know exactly where to direct them.

3. You’re the BME (Best Manager Ever)

Being a manager can be tough. When you’re not managing problems you’re managing people and there can be very little time for anything in between. But when somebody tells you that you are the best manager ever, it can turn a bad day into the best you’ve had in a while.

4. You’re the bomb at scheduling

When you’re juggling employee shifts, sick days, vacation time, and your own schedule, it can seem like you’ll never get on top of the day. But you’re good at what you do and before you know it, you have all shifts covered, happy customers, and a big smile on your face. You did it.

5. You lead your team from the heart

When you’re a great manager, that passion filters down to your employees. Not only do they respect you, but your team also wants to make you proud. So it’s not uncommon that your heart swoons when a customer tells you what a fantastic team you have. You agree.

6. I love working for you

It’s great to feel appreciated, but being a manager can often make you feel like the bad guy. However, it’s how you handle situations and talk to people that can make such a difference. Sure, you might have to reprimand your employees from time to time, but when you do this right, they will respect you and still love working for you.

7. You’re amazing!

Going that extra mile for your customers and guests can be one of the best things you can do as a manager. Whether it’s planning a surprise birthday celebration in your restaurant or ordering an item to arrive at your retail store before the end of the day, your customers will appreciate that extra effort and remember you for all the right reasons.

8. You brighten our day

Whether you’re managing a big problem or showing a new member of staff the ropes, you always do it with a smile on your face. And that smile is infectious. With your sunny attitude and bright outlook, you pass it on to everybody you meet, from guests and colleagues to suppliers and passersby.

9. You’re such an inspiration

When your employees are engaged — and inspired — your business can really take off. Inspired employees are more productive and motivated and, in turn, become an inspiration themselves. From showing empathy and understanding to making hard decisions for the betterment of the team as a whole, there are many ways you can become a shining example.

10. We couldn’t do this without you

As the saying goes, nobody is indispensable but that doesn’t mean you can’t be invaluable. When somebody tells you just what your efforts are worth, it makes you feel appreciated and motivated. When customers call you from the back office to say they received amazing customer service, take pride in knowing that your management is part of that.

Feel the love this Valentine’s Day

When you’re spending your day talking to vendors, looking at sales numbers, and scheduling staff, stop and remind yourself of what a great job you do. And think about if work could be a little easier for you and your team.

Keep those happy Valentine’s Day wishes going throughout the year. Try a free trial of Deputy today and discover how you can be a (better) boss.