Why join our Design team?

Our multi-disciplinary Design team is laser-focused on their mission of delighting Deputy’s customers by making shift work simple. Through cultivating a customer-centric culture of understanding, empathy and excellence, they deliver a welcoming, trusted and intuitive brand experience across the whole customer journey.

Divya Balakrishnan
“Deputy is a genuinely nurturing and empowering place to work — I’ve never experienced anything like this.” Divya Balakrishnan, UX/VoC Researcher
A day in the life of Divya at Deputy
Tell us a bit about yourself and what attracted you to join Deputy?

I’ve always known that being creative and resourceful were my strongest character traits, but I didn’t know what type of job would allow me to use them professionally. After a series of job changes from non-profit programming, to graphic design, to product management, I realized my underlying superpower was my ability to empathize deeply with people and “read between the lines.” In looking for customer-focused jobs, I came across a product specialist role at Deputy - a hybrid position that enabled me to interact with customers every day and also heavily influence our product roadmap. Within a few months, my team identified my strengths and I transitioned into the role of a UX & VoC researcher, the first role to build out a dedicated research function at Deputy.

Why is Deputy a good place to be a UX/VoC Researcher?

Deputy is truly a unicorn within the tech industry. The very act of creating a research function at Deputy is an example of how we live out our core values - in this case, “Listen to Learn.” My manager values my lived experiences as guide rails for my work and empowers me to carve my own pathway. Deputy has been incredibly proactive in collecting user feedback at every stage of their journey, giving me the honor of piecing together these insights to not only build a comprehensive narrative of the user experience, but also to represent the voice of the customer to the rest of the company.

What do you find most interesting about your job?

The most incredible element of my job is being able to connect with our users one to one and glean what they need from us. The UX research focus of my job allows me to think critically about user behavior, from the perspectives of both understanding and influencing them. In embodying the voice of the customer, I am equippe[...]