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Why join our Engineering team?

Engineering at Deputy was born in the cloud and, being an early cloud trailblazer, we have strived to build scalable distributed systems and continually modernize our architecture to keep up with our growth.

Being a mobile-first product, we are also proud of our heritage being API-first and developer-centric design principles. Our Engineering teams walk in the shoes of our customers and clock in every day by dogfooding our platform internally for our own consumption. We see it first before our customers get to taste our creation.

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Rajini Carpenter
“The most interesting thing about my job is the breadth and depth of the technology footprint and the teams who are creating an impact in this industry.” Rajini Carpenter, VP of Engineering
A day in the life of Rajini at Deputy
Tell us a bit about yourself and what attracted you to join Deputy?

I’ve been in the IT profession for more than 20 years and my expertise lies in building products that deliver innovative, reliable technology solutions at scale that delights the end-user of the product. Before joining Deputy, I led teams in the FinTech sector, most recently as Head of Engineering at a SAAS company called Iress where I led their agile & cloud transformation for one of their flagship products: Xplan.

I moved to Deputy wanting a change in my career and to experience the culture of a scale-up. The Deputy app has a great product-market fit, not because I say so, I know so from listening to customers — whether it’s a walk down to my local cafe or my physio or my son’s basketball team. You know the product is successful when your customers recommend it to others. High NPS!

Talk us through a day in the life of being our VP of Engineering?

I normally begin the week with three focus areas for the week that are non-negotiable as this helps me channel my energy rather than getting caught up day-to-day.

Leading large teams means a day could be mixed with client issues, technology decisions, escalations and/or people related – anywhere from hiring, celebrating success, or removing blockers for teams. A good day for me is feeling that I have helped a client and/or people and we are making incremental progress towards our goals.

I try to balance my time between the balcony and the dance floor. Being on the balcony helps me see things with a wider perspective. Being on the dance floor helps me understand the problems the team faces and a huge plus is practicing my craft.

There is never a dull moment solving complex problems on a daily basis. Well, that’s one of the reasons I get out of bed. Life will be boring otherwise.

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