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Deputy is helping Glamorgan Cricket Club become a top local events venue.

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At a glance

  • Reduction in the use of outside staffing agencies and associated costs
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Easier employee scheduling

The Story

Nestled right in the heart of Cardiff, Glamorgan County Cricket Club (GCCC) is a very diverse and busy business. As well as hosting some of the world’s finest cricket, the Club has been working hard to build their reputation as a leading venue for local events. And it’s been paying off! The venue is increasingly known in the area as the perfect setting for, conferences, concerts, dinners, and festivals.

Alex Hadarean, the Hospitality & Operations Manager, explained that the food and drink business “makes up a significant portion of the GCCC annual turnover and a good staff management solution is essential to support this business.” GCCC has built up a loyal following of repeat customers, whom often chose to host conferences and dinners at the Club. However, with business booming, GCCC found that their old way of sorting out employee schedules just wasn’t able to keep up with the business.

"The food and drink business makes up a significant portion of the Glamorgan County Cricket Club annual turnover and a good staff management solution is essential to support this business. "

glamorgan cricket club

The Challenge

Before they started using Deputy, GCCC used spreadsheets to organise their employee schedules. But as time went on and life at the Club got busier, this way of doing things meant a bigger and bigger time commitment for club managers.

GCCC’s staff is mainly drawn from the local student community, and organising shifts on spreadsheets made it difficult to keep up with high staff turnover and busy staff schedules. With between 10 and 250 staff scheduled to work at any one time, staff managers were spending huge amounts of time emailing back and forth to make sure that all shifts were covered. And last-minute changes could be disastrous. If someone called in sick, for example, managers would have to manually go over the roster to find someone to cover. Alex’s mind was made up: “the spreadsheets were very time-consuming and we knew we had to find a solution”.

"Organising shifts was a big drain on our managers’ resources."

glamorgan cricket club

The Solution

For the first two months staff and managers were a little skeptical about introducing an electronic solution, but now they’ve tried Deputy, they absolutely love it. It just makes scheduling so much quicker and easier. And Alex was pleased to find Deputy was not only the easiest to use, but also the most cost-effective option for GCCC.

Alex is most pleased about the fact that Deputy allows GCCC to keep recruitment in house: “Deputy has massively reduced our reliance on outside agencies, so we now only use them on very rare occasions.” This has led to a significant reduction in associated costs.

Deputy makes it simpler to build schedules and to make sure that the right people are given the right shifts based on their skills, qualifications, and availability. It makes everyone’s lives easier, from managers to staff, because Deputy lets employees see what tasks they’re expected to carry out and when.

GCCC Employees love the Deputy app. It lets them tell managers their availability well in advance, so everyone knows who is available to work each shift. This feature helps GCCC build the most effective schedule possible. And if there are any last minute hiccups, like someone calling in sick, then those shifts can be easily covered in the app.

"Deputy has massively reduced our reliance on outside agencies."

glamorgan cricket club
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