Auto-approved shifts

What are auto-approved shifts? Find out more below

Auto-approved shift scheduling software is designed to make scheduling easier. Auto-approved shifts pull relevant information from your employee profile such as:

  • availability, leave

  • overtime regulations

  • and training requirements.

Many digital workforce management solutions include software that auto-predicts employee availability to help make life easier for scheduling managers.

Without digital workforce management software for auto-approval of shifts, keeping up with scheduling needs can be a cumbersome process. Auto-approved shifts enable more effective and time-efficient management.

Inside of Deputy, the auto-approved shift function is enhanced by access to specific data on employees’ training levels: Have they been properly trained for this shift they hold the proper certifications to work this particular shift?

Deputy also provides a clear, detailed view of staff availability. Not only does it allow scheduling managers to see whether someone is available for a shift at one location, but also whether or not an employee is already scheduled at the same time in another location or another area of work.

Deputy can also help factor in a specific employee’s stress profile, including whether they are nearing overtime, or if they are already working hours above their capacity.

Because Deputy allows so many workforce tasks to be automated, you can develop work schedules confident in the knowledge that all relevant individual and company data have been factored in.

When a shift is filled in Deputy, you can be sure that the auto-approved shift function has already reviewed all the different reasons an employee may not be able to work. The auto-approve technology in Deputy will streamline your scheduling so it no longer becomes a nagging task.