Kelly shift schedule

What is a kelly shift schedule?

A Kelly Shift Schedule is a type of rotating shift schedule used in industries that require continuous operation, such as manufacturing and healthcare. It involves a team of employees working a cycle of shifts that rotate between day, evening, and night shifts. The schedule typically consists of four to six teams of employees, with each team working a different shift in a repeating pattern.

One of its main benefits is that it allows for a high level of employee involvement in shift scheduling. Employees are typically involved in determining the specific shift lengths and the order of the rotations. This can increase employee job satisfaction and reduce workplace absenteeism.

It is named after its inventor, Maurice Kelly, who developed the system in the 1930s while working at a steel mill. It is considered to be one of the most popular shift schedules, but it may not be suitable for all industries or workplaces. Some drawbacks include the potential for employee burnout due to the rotating shifts and the need for additional staff to cover weekends and holidays.