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Deputy Checks In With Hospitality

Tune in to Deputy’s video and audio series where we speak to big names in hospitality about recruitment and retention challenges, employee wellbeing, preparing for years of revenge travel.
Deputy Checks In with Hospitality

Meet Your Host — Heidi Birkin

Heidi Birkin, Deputy’s EMEA Marketing Directorhas extensive experience of marketing and product leadership within B2B technology sector. She’s led a start-up business, managed a top 100 global brand and launched multiple new products into new markets.  Passionate about improving the work lives of shift workers and on a mission to help businesses thrive, Heidi has been instrumental in the growth of Deputy's EMEA business over the last four years.
Episodes in this series

Episode 1

How Smart Technologies Can Help Drive Employee Retention

Robin Sheppard, Co-founder and President of Bespoke Hotels dives into the ways smart technologies are reducing bureaucracy, increasing automation and improving the employee experience at Bespoke Hotels. 

deputy checks in, robin sheppard, deputy
deputy checks in, robin sheppard, deputy

Episode 2

Why Your Employee’s Shift Experience is the Answer to Staff Retention

As Managing Director for both the Grand Hotel Brighton and Richmond Hill Hotel,  Andrew Mosley is able to share his perspective on what today’s hotel shift workers want to stay in their roles and relay much needed wisdom and experience about how his two hotels have weathered the post pandemic workforce crisis while continuously garnering high employee satisfaction ratings from staff.

deputy checks in
deputy checks in, deputy


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