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Digital Transformation Toolkit

Knowing where to start can be one of the biggest hurdles to overcome when kicking off a new project. Our Digital Transformation Toolkit will help set you on the path to success.

Digital Transformation Guide

Digital Transformation Guide

Automating admin tasks such as records and rostering can free up time for valuable personal interaction. However, NHS research shows that only a third of care providers are fully digitised and most digital transformation projects fail to achieve their strategic outcomes.

Get this five-step guide and learn how to:

  • Roll out a “people-centred” digital transformation project

  • Choose a vendor that’s aligned with your organisation

  • Build a business case and get buy-in

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Digital Transformation Business Case Workbook

Business Case Workbook

One of the first steps to success with your digital transformation project is to create a compelling business case.

Our Business Case Workbook will help you:

  • Set the key project goals and objectives  

  • Formulate a project strategy and identify quantifiable outcomes

  • Create a governance structure and communications plan

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Digital Transformation Readiness Assessment Tool

Readiness Assessment Tool

Before you start your project how do you know where the gaps are across your organisation that could impede success?

Using our Readiness Assessment Tool will:

  • Help you understand your organisational strengths and weaknesses

  • Highlight areas of focus to improve before you start

  • Evaluate readiness across key areas including vision, culture, resourcing, buy-in and governance.

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Digital Transformation Roadmap

Digital Transformation Roadmap

Need a quick way to share your plan? A high-level overview of your project with key timelines and deliverables mapped will help stakeholders know quickly what to expect and when.

Our Digital Transformation Roadmap will:

  • Provide a readymade digital transformation template

  • Give stakeholders a quick understanding of the vision and goals

  • Help you connect your project objects and outcomes

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Deputy Digital Transformation Webinar

on demand

Digital Transformation Webinar

Making digital transformation projects successful is challenging for many businesses. In residential care, economic pressures continue to be tough. Implementing new technology, which empowers and enriches your employee experience can be the pathway to improved culture and profitability.

In our webinar we’ll speak to experts who can give you insight into what it takes to make digital transformation work for your business.

  • Take a people-focused approach

  • Get stakeholder buy-in and choose the right partners

  • Ensure post implementation success

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