The Big Shift UK: Rise of The Neighbourhood Economy

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About the Report

The Big Shift UK: Rise of The Neighbourhood Economy is a comprehensive guide to understanding how the hospitality industry is coping more than two years after the pandemic began. Amid widespread staff shortages, energy price hikes, the cost of living crisis and ongoing supply chain disruptions, the hospitality sector has evolved dramatically over the past two years. 

The report is created in partnership with independent labour economist Shashi Karunanethy PhD, who provided expert insight into market conditions over an analysis of more than 2.3 million shifts and 17.3 million hours worked by 41,884 British hospitality workers.

This second edition of our data report on the state of shift work economy within the hospitality sector gives you actionable insights into how to position your hospitality business now, how to meet changing needs of a changing demographic and provide more predictable schedules and flexibility. It will help you plan for the tough years ahead.

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