Connect Deputy and intelliHR for seamless People Management and Analytics

Benefits and features
  • Eliminate Double Handling — This integration takes new employees and real-time updates to employee data from intelliHR and creates/updates the employee in Deputy; thus eliminating doubling handling of employee data.
  • Improve Engagement — Maximise efficiency and workforce engagement for all employees and deliver a consistent, paperless onboarding and performance management experience.
  • Ecosystem Alignment — Our Public API and configurable integration capabilities allow customers and partners to connect a wealth of systems to intelliHR, ensuring the HR tech stack is unified and automated.
Seamless integration, valuable time savings
  • New Employees — When an employee is created in intelliHR; their personal and job information pushes through to Deputy and creates a new employee in the Deputy platform.
  • Employee & Job Updates — When an employee or their job is updated in intelliHR; their relevant Deputy record updates automatically with the updated information accordingly.
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