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Create your employee rota

Track and approve employee hours

Export to Xero and run payroll

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Hunter Prescott

Volcano Coffee

“It’s so easy, it’s all in the app. Our baristas can see where they’re working, and they can fill in their hours on the spot without having to contact anyone.”

Jon Peilow

Castle Hotel

“From an accounts point of view, it’s probably saving around two or three days a month. In terms of the reporting and the end of month exporting to payroll.”

Chris Byrne

Box Park

“Integrating our payroll system with Deputy has been really useful. There’s no dispute whether staff are getting paid incorrectly. It helps keep everything transparent.”


Sync Employee Details and Pay rates

Enjoy the ease of only updating important employee details in one platform.

Manage Leave

Calculate and track employee leave balances in Deputy, then export leave timesheets to Xero for a seamless Leave Management experience.

Easy Approval of Timesheets

Manage and approve timesheets in Deputy and send over to Xero to process your next pay run.

Premium Pricing

Perfect for those who want to rota, track time and attendance, and export to Xero for payroll.



per user / month excl. VAT

Frequently asked questions

  • How do I connect my Deputy and Xero accounts?

    Please refer to our help docs here to start the integration process

  • Can I connect my accounts if I am already using Deputy and Xero separately?

    Yes, we have built this integration to be flexible enough for you to turn it on at any point in your Deputy and Xero journey. To ensure you don’t duplicate efforts of data entry, you can choose which system you manage your employee information from, either Deputy or Xero, and be comfortable knowing that the information will appear in both systems automatically.

  • What data is synced between Xero & Deputy?

    If you choose to enable “Auto Sync Employee” in Deputy, the following information will be shared between Deputy & Xero:

    Basic Details
    First name + Last name Email Mobile Number Address (Default for empty) Date of birth Gender
    Employment Details
    Hire date Payroll Calendar (First entry on Xero’s payroll calendar list) NI Category (Options: A,J,X ; Default value we use: A) Employee Number (Deputy employee ID) Date of birth Gender
    If you choose to turn on “Xero Pay Templates” Deputy will automatically pull salary, wages base pay and pay template entries from Xero and set it as the employee’s new pay rate in Deputy.

  • Is the sync 2-way?

    There are two stages in the process for auto syncing employee and pay rate information - creating the sync and updating the sync. If you turn on “Auto Sync Employee”, when you create the sync and
    The employee is only in Xero & not in Deputy, we sync the information from Xero into Deputy The employee is only in Deputy & not in Xero, we sync the information from Deputy into Xero The employee exists in both Deputy & Xero, we sync employee details using Deputy as the source of truth
    If you turn on “Xero Pay Templates”, the source of truth is Xero, meaning we pull the information from Xero into Deputy. If you don’t choose to turn on “Xero Pay Templates” the source of truth will be Deputy and Deputy data will push to Xero.

    During employee detail updates, Deputy is always the source of truth. For pay rates: You can choose either Xero or Deputy to be the source of truth.

  • If my auto sync is turned off, what information will be shared between Xero & Deputy?

    Nothing, all sharing of data between the platforms will require a manual process.

  • Can I track and see Annual Leave balances in both platforms?

    Yes - Annual leave is kept up to date across Deputy & Xero as long as employee syncing is enabled. You can find more information about Deputy’s leave management feature, here.

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