Deputy training hub

Get up to speed on all things Deputy, master new features, and learn the latest hacks to simplify your work.

Your first 5 minutes in Deputy

A swift run-through of how to personalise Deputy to suit your business.

Account setup training

Tips and tricks to set up your Deputy account — includes Q&A with our expert.

iPad Kiosk setup

How to install and use the Deputy Kiosk app for iPad — a simple way to track time and more.

Leave management 101

How to easily manage your team’s leave, from setting up entitlements to managing requests and tracking balances.

Scheduling fundamentals

We cover all the scheduling basics, time-saving tips, and features.

The complete scheduling tour

Everything you need to create and manage schedules, from the basics to advanced features.

Scheduling shortcuts

How to create schedules faster with templates, shortcuts, and other smart tools.

Open shifts with approval

How to offer an open shift to your team and approve the most suitable person for the job.

Shift swapping

How employees can swap shifts in the Deputy app, and how managers can approve them.

Time and attendance — a quick guide

A rundown of how to clock in and out, approve and export timesheets, and more.

Timesheet fundamentals

A walkthrough of all the basics you’ll need to manage timesheets in Deputy.

Touchless clock-In

How to set up the hygienic, touchless clock-in feature on iPad.

Ask questions at clock in/clock out

How to create and configure pre and post-shift questions for your team.

Find replacements

When staff are absent, use this feature to find a cover quickly and easily.

Why employees love Deputy

A variety of employees give their feedback on using Deputy apps in their workplaces.

Custom Payroll Export

Deputy and Xero Integration (AU)

How to set up and manage the Deputy and Xero Payroll Australia integration.

Deputy and Xero Integration (UK)

How to set up and manage the Deputy and Xero Payroll UK integration.

Scheduling on Mobile

Timesheets on Mobile

Why Employees Love Deputy on Mobile

News Feed on Mobile

Deputy reporting 101

A rundown of the different reports you can generate in Deputy.

Custom Payroll Export

Leave Management - January 2022

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Manager Tips Webinar - November 2021

Guide to Reporting Webinar - October 2021

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Deputy Tips and Tricks Webinar - September 2021

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People Management Webinar - July 2021

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Timesheets and Exporting Webinar - June 2021

We'll walk through Deputy’s timesheets tool - and explore topics like approving/denying a timesheet, editing, approving time records and exporting them from Deputy to your payroll system. This training session is best suited for managers new to Deputy and/or experienced users looking to optimise their timesheets practise in Deputy. We’ll walk through various timesheet scenarios, and host a Q&A throughout and at the end to address your questions and any feedback.

Business Insights Webinar - May 2021

Please follow this link to an extra help article with Q&A from the webinar.

We’ll walk through Deputy’s Business Insights tool - a new feature that helps you make smarter business decisions. We’ll go over the basics on how to set it up, take a look at statistics and dive deeper by adding existing sales data and budgeted forecasts to make cost effective and labour optimised scheduling choices.

Scheduling 101 Webinar - April 2021

We’ll cover everything you need to master Scheduling in Deputy including best practice tips and tricks from the product experts. You're bound to find something new here, even if you're a seasoned Deputy! This training session is suited to managers who are new to Deputy as well as experienced users looking to optimise their Scheduling in Deputy.

Leave Management Webinar - March 2021

We’ll cover everything you need to manage leave in Deputy, including the different leave types, syncing and tracking leave balances, and general time-saving tips. This training session is suited to managers who are new to Deputy and experienced users looking to optimise their leave management in Deputy. 

Deputy Brand Refresh Webinar - February 2021

A look into the background, design and in-app enhancements of the 2021 Deputy brand refresh. Q&A also included throughout.

I Didn't Know You Could Do That In Deputy?! - December 2020

A jam-packed how-to guide on a variety of tips, tricks and skills to help you squeeze every last drop of value from the Deputy system. We’ve compiled tips on clever ways to use Deputy, favourite little time-saving hacks and thought-provoking ideas to attain those aha moments. The Deputy product experts around the world have provided some real gems on all aspects of the system from scheduling to reports to system settings and more. You’ll be keen to start using these, and many are simpler than you think! This webinar is for anyone looking for creative ways to progress their 'Deputy Pro' status.

Reporting & Exporting - November 2020

A deep dive into all the standard, built-in Deputy Reports and a full guide into using the Custom Report Builder and best practices for updating and exporting your work. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to create and manage custom reports for Holiday, Lateness, Sickness, Overtime and more.

Budgets & Business Insights - October 2020

A brand new update to Deputy brings a suite of Business Insights that help you optimise rotas and track financial performance.

You'll learn how to use sales data, wage budgets, and other metrics to accurately forecast, track and measure staffing costs and KPI's with an all-new level of precision.

If your business relies on careful wage budgets or needs more visibility over sales versus staff spend, or wants to increase the efficiency of your scheduling, this is for you!

This webinar will include a day in the life of a hospitality business, with three departments using Deputy to manage their staff and costs in slightly different ways.

Deputy features covered include:

creating and managing shift templates
entering sales forecasts
tracking labour costs against a target
setting wage budgets
smart shift allocation

New Deputy features — June 2020

A showcase of new features, including streamlined multi-location scheduling, clock-in questions, approval on open shifts, and touch-free clock in.

Leveraging Deputy during COVID-19

A look at how Deputy can help you adapt to changes in demand or safety regulations, helping your business stay healthy during uncertain times.