New Xero Updates + UK Payroll

Ashik Ahmed

Ashik Ahmed

CEO, CTO & Co-Founder

August 20, 2015

New Xero Updates + UK Payroll

Ashik Ahmed, CEO, CTO & Co-Founder
August 20, 2015

Now that we have won the Xero Add-On Partner of the year (cross industry) we thought we’d hang up the boots on Xero Development. #Not

We actually have three “Awesome” updates to share with Xero users:

1. Payslip export

Along with exporting to Xero timesheets, you can now export to Xero Pay Slips directly! This means you can skip the timesheet approval process in Xero and go straight to payroll. It’s perfect for when there are elements of pay that aren’t just “Hours”. Eg. distance travelled, allowances, tips etc. If you want to track wages across tracking categories, we recommend using Timesheet export.

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2. Auto update

Exactly one year ago we launched Xeroshare. This site allows Xero customers (even those not using Deputy) to utilise industry rates in their Xero account. Deputy can read the rates directly in Xero which allowed configuring overtime and allowances using our bracket notation. There was just one little annoyance, you had to keep syncing the employees in Deputy. Today we’ve introduced a minor update, now you don’t have come to Deputy to update/sync the rates again. Simply setup “Updated Employee” -> “Sync Pay Rates” integration under Location Settings -> Add-Ons -> Xero.

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3. Xero payroll for the UK

After working closely with the Xero Payroll team we’re proud to be the first add-on partner to release an integration for Xero Payroll UK. This will enable our customers to streamline business processes and further reduce their administrative burden. We’ve already enriched the payroll process for thousands of Aussie and US businesses. Now we’re delighted to do the same for our customers in the UK.

Our partners in the UK are notably excited about what this means for their clients, already we are hearing statements such as “This integration helps us to improve the efficiency of businesses across the UK, it’s a real game-changer for business operations today.”

To find out how it works take a look at our help article. If you would prefer to see things in action, we’re holding a special webinar on Wednesday 9th September 1pm London time (GMT +1). Click here to register for this webinar.

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