Deputy Kiosk Revamped

Imran Chowdhury

Imran Chowdhury

Product Manager

October 31, 2017

Deputy Kiosk Revamped

Imran Chowdhury, Product Manager
October 31, 2017

The Brand New Deputy Kiosk

With the Deputy Kiosk being one of the most used apps within Deputy’s ecosystem, we knew we had something great in our hands. Every day 60,000+ employees punch in their PIN and start and stop their shifts with the Deputy Kiosk. With ‘Perfect is Bulls**t’ as one of our leading internal values, we didn’t want to sit still and just watch all the funny faces employees take when they’re signing out; we wanted to improve the Kiosk with the employee experience in mind. We took on the challenge of building the Kiosk app from scratch to take advantage of the latest technology, revamp the design and enhance reliability and performance.

So, what’s new with the Deputy Kiosk?

Starting and stopping shifts have never been faster!

Clocking in/out is now more fluid thanks to our performance improvements and better facial detection. While facial detection works best in well lit environments, if you’re in a low light environment, not to worry – you can now manually capture a photo with the new ‘Take a Picture’ button. This way, you get employees through the door so they can start work instantly!

Deputy Kiosk helps your business run itself straight from an iPad.Jess - take a picture

A Brand New Design

Designing a new Deputy Kiosk with simplicity and usability in mind is no easy task, although, that’s exactly what we’ve done! Employees will enjoy using the new interface because now it’s easier on the eye, easier to navigate, user-friendly and optimised for the most useful information to be displayed.

To help employees maintain context, we’ve categorised employee actions in their respective tabs. For example, your staff can book their next holiday by navigating to the calendar tab where they can see the dates they need to book for.

The new ‘Me’ tab, which employees would be familiar with from the mobile apps and web experience, will display future shifts and past timesheets at a quick glance.

Take a peek at some of the awesome screens below!

Deputy Kiosk helps your business run itself straight from an iPad.IMG_0038

Me tab

Deputy Kiosk helps your business run itself straight from an iPad.newsfeed

Newsfeed tab

Deputy Kiosk helps your business run itself straight from an iPad.IMG_0039

Adding Unavailability and Requesting Leave

Deputy Kiosk helps your business run itself straight from an iPad.tasks

Tasks tab

Portrait Mode and Multi-tasking

We’re big fans of flexibility here at Deputy and so, we went ahead and added the ability to use the Kiosk in portrait mode – we know it was driving you crazy!

Deputy Kiosk helps your business run itself straight from an
Portrait Mode – Me tab

Deputy Kiosk helps your business run itself straight from an iPad.calendar

Portrait Mode – Calendar tab

Adding to that, we’ve also added multi-tasking support so staff can still clock on/off while your Point of Sale (POS) app runs side by side. Staff no longer have to line up and wait for customers to finish being served, before they can start/stop their shift.

Multi-tasking – Deputy Kiosk + Kounta POS app

New Languages Supported

Out of the box, the new Deputy Kiosk supports English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Simplified Chinese & Traditional Chinese languages. We’re also adding Japanese and Korean to the mix with Czech, Polish, Russian, Greek, Croatian and Romanian planned for future updates.

Yes, we’re going global!

Deputy Kiosk helps your business run itself straight from an iPad.Japaenese screenshot

To learn more about what’s new and how to get started, you can refer to our Deputy Kiosk help guide here

Stay tuned..

While that’s it for now, there’s still much more to come, stay tuned! We’re just laying the groundwork for now so that we can continue to improve the employee self-service experience. Stay tuned for more exciting updates like:

  • Multi-Location Support
  • Swapping/Offering shifts
  • Shift confirmation
  • Leave balance support

Your feedback is always valuable and so, we’d love to hear from you and learn more about your experience with the Deputy Kiosk. We hope you’re excited for the new Deputy Kiosk just as much as we are!

download app blue

Download the new app and start clocking in now (iOS 10+ is supported). You don’t want to be late to the party!

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Imran Chowdhury
Imran is a Product Manager at Deputy. He is also known as the Deputy of Special Operations as he leads key internal projects and works closely with the product.

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