Deputy’s New Kid on the Block

Eren Matsota

Eren Matsota

Partner Marketing Manager

February 01, 2017

Deputy’s New Kid on the Block

Eren Matsota, Partner Marketing Manager
February 01, 2017

usteam-mainThe Americas Deputy Team – minus a few colleagues working remotely

No, not Donnie Wahlberg (I wish). I’m Deputy’s new kid on the block and could not be more excited to join such an incredible company! I wanted to share my first week adventures with y’all. My role at Deputy will be the community and events manager, so anything social media and events related. In other words, my two work passions! This first week, I really wanted to understand what Deputy is all about, why is it called Deputy, and wanted to get to know the culture and my team.

eren-thumbupTwo thumbs up for my first day!

“…But I did not shoot the Deputy” song lyrics came to mind every time I said Deputy this week. But no, we have no relations to law enforcement. Deputy is a cloud-based workforce management software that can be used by anyone who has hourly employees. Some of the features include employee scheduling, time clock and tracking timesheets, easy communication between the staff via our free mobile app and you can even create tasks for individuals and track their performance. On top of all of that, we integrate with the best payroll companies, such as ADP, which means you can submit timesheets with the click of the button. The best part is that our software is so advanced and user friendly, it takes no time to implement. Plus we offer a 30-Day Free Trial and our help line/chat is 24X7.

The story of how Deputy was created is pretty interesting. Before Steve Shelley co-founded Deputy, he had his own business which was growing quickly and he found himself spending an exponential amount of time on admin work. So he asked Ashik Ahmed to create a platform that can automate staff scheduling and time attendance. The platform worked so well and saved Steve so much time that they wanted to share it with the world. This is how Deputy was “born.” Click here to learn more about the story.

Deputy has been growing so quickly in Australia, that they decided to open an office in the United States. Since we opened the office in America, Deputy received a $25Million in Series A financing from OpenView. (Thank you OpenView, we love you!) This was the largest investment that OpenView made in the last decade. I bet you’re thinking about what we’re going to do with that funding? We are rapidly growing our teams all over the world. In other words… we are hiring! Click here to check out the current job openings, or feel free to reach out to me for more information!

“So, why is it called Deputy?” I asked Jason Walker,  President of Americas. “Deputy was designed to be the second in charge for businesses, like a Deputy is second in charge to the Sheriff. So, the business owners and admins are the sheriffs, and Deputy is their second in command.” At this point the lightbulb went on and I had my “aha” moment. Once I signed up for the 30-day free trial and played around with the software, I quickly understood what he meant. I found it easy to use, the features save so much time on admin work, I honestly can’t believe businesses are functioning without it!

Let’s circle back to my first week. I had an amazing first day meeting my new marketing team which includes the talented Salina Wuttke, the VP of Marketing, Britton Clark, the head of Digital Marketing and Jordan Rhodes, the Junior Graphic Designer. Salina, Jordan and I had a girls lunch at Farm to Ladle in the Avalon. I learned that the conference rooms in our office were named after some of the most famous deputies on TV, like Andy Griffith and Rick Grimes (my favorite from “The Walking Dead”.) I learned about our core values, or what we call the 10 commandments.

usteam-frameI agree, work should be fun!

I spent one-on-one time with all the “Deputies” and got to know them professionally as well as personally. I can honestly say that we have such an incredible group of people working for Deputy. I know it’s only been a week, but I feel like I’ve been there forever. Moving forward, I will be working on the social media and events plan for the year. Along with creating a strong scalable “smarketing” team, a term coined by my friends at Terminus, Account-Based Marketing.

I am thrilled to be part of the Deputy family! And the best part is that this is just the beginning.

usteam-redWe are so proud of our #Falcons! Had to do a shout out #RiseUp

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Eren Matsota
Eren is Deputy's Partner Marketing Manager based at our Atlanta headquarters. Eren has a track record of developing and implementing innovative programs that drive brand awareness and increase sales. When she isn't busy running around the office or at an event, you can find her at the local comedy club.

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