Using Your Pos To Streamline Inventory Management

Caity Wynn

Caity Wynn

Product Marketing Manager

April 21, 2018

Using Your Pos To Streamline Inventory Management

Caity Wynn, Product Marketing Manager
April 21, 2018

Not enough hours in the day? Running a retail business can be challenging at the best of times, but particularly when unpredictable seasonality strikes. Thankfully, utilising point-of-sale (POS) integrations in your systems can help streamline inventory management and save you time and stress. Here are five tools you can take advantage of today.

1. Sync stock levels across stores

E-commerce is a huge plus for retail owners in our digital world, but unless you’re a tech whiz things can get complicated when it comes to managing inventory levels and trying to determine adequate stock levels. Whether you run one store or a dozen, POS software like Epos Systems can update stock figures via whichever e-commerce channel you use.

2. Manage customers, suppliers and contacts at once

Anyone who runs a retail business understands how difficult it can be to track everything – even common tasks like time and attendance data. These jobs are made even harder for owners who manage mostly part-time and seasonal employees, and then there’s inventory, customers, suppliers and more to consider.

Thankfully, you can integrate a tool like Revel Systems into your POS system to manage your inventory.

3. Give customers more purchase options

Turning one-time customers into repeat business doesn’t have to be a struggle. Think about what’s most important to them. Excellent customer service? A huge selection of goods and services? If you answered ‘convenience’, you’d be spot on. These days customers expect you to accommodate their buying preferences, so treat each person through your doors as if you’re tailoring a bespoke experience just for them.

Vend can streamline inventory management and give customers what they want by allowing them to make lay-bys, easy returns, refunds, split payments and online receipts. What’s more, the software works with merchant providers from around the world and allows customers to pay by credit, debit and gift card – so you’ll never have to turn away a customer because of an obscure payment method.

4. Identify peaks and troughs to create the perfect roster

When it comes to online rostering software, no one does it better than Deputy. Its user-friendly interface is capable of auto-scheduling rosters, publishing timetables, adding new employees and so much more. But best of all, you can integrate POS data to recognise peaks and troughs of sales/foot traffic – which means your rosters will always have the right amount of team members for specific times.

Beyond rostering, Deputy’s communication solutions allow you and your employees to stay informed at all times, eliminating inventory management issues before they arise.

5. Get sales data in real-time – and predict future sales

POS integrations can even help you improve staffing costs. A solution like Talech can work in tandem with Deputy to provide you with useful sales data in real-time – and then schedule your team’s rosters in line with forecasted sales. Don’t worry about spending hours manually entering employee info – Talech can sync your employees’ details straight into Deputy, which gives you plenty of time to focus on predicted sales trends so you can better manage your team and inventory.

There are so many POS solutions to integrate with your software these days. Take a little time to find the tools that will work for you and rest easy as those inventory management woes disappear – your customers will thank you for it.


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