Deputy Takes HRC: Buzzing Atmosphere, Big Ideas, and the Future of Hospitality

by Isioma Daniel, 4 minutes read
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This year’s Hotel, Restaurant and Catering Event (HRC) 2024 was a whirlwind of insights, knowledge-sharing, connections, and excitement, and the Deputy team was right at the heart of it!  

We were in the thick of the action, speaking with passionate hospitality professionals from all corners of the industry. From intimate cafes to family-run restaurants to bustling multi-site operations, everyone was eager to talk about hospitality's opportunities and challenges in 2024.

Key Insights: Tools and Strategies for the Future of Hospitality

The seminar, “Improved Margins, Happier People, Great Guest Experiences: How Labour Productivity Tools Can Transform Your Multi-Site Operation”, was a highlight of the event. Industry leaders shared valuable insights:

Deputy Talks: Real Conversations, Real Challenges

The Deputy sales team hub was a hive of activity.

Here are some of the key insights from the fantastic conversations we had: 

  • Legacy Issues: Dissatisfaction with old solutions and high payroll errors highlight the need for better technology. 

  • DIY Struggle: Manual processes like Excel-based scheduling create roadblocks for businesses of all sizes. 

  • A Desire for Change: People are eager for automation, cost control, and smoother communication.

Why Deputy Stands Out

Gemma Hennen, our Senior Director of Sales EMEA, noted that people come to HRC seeking connections, knowledge, and fresh ideas.

“At Deputy we’re about fostering that community spirit. We understand the strain on hospitality workers and the need for solutions that make their lives easier. Our staff-focused approach resonated with attendees eager to empower their teams.” 

Until Next Time…

The energy at HRC was intense and contagious!

It was a joyous reminder of the resilience and passion driving the hospitality industry forward.

For Deputy, events like these allow us to connect empathetically with the people shaping the future of hospitality, learn about their challenges, and show that we’re here to help them build better hourly-based workplaces.

If you’re ready to ditch outdated systems, streamline your operations, and put your employees first, Deputy is here for you! We loved being a part of HRC and are excited about how we can transform the hospitality industry together.

Let’s Connect!

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