Deputy turns 7

by Ashik Ahmed, 3 minutes read
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This Tuesday November 3rd marked an important piece of history. Here in Australia it was Melbourne Cup Day, and the ‘(horse) race that stops a nation’ was won by a female jockey for the first time.

It was also 7 years to the day since Steve Shelley and I founded Deputy in a small office in the Sydney suburb of Caringbah. We now service tens of thousands of customers in over 70 countries. Deputy has staff in Sydney, Manila, London, Atlanta and Los Angeles. The sun never sets in Deputy world.


7 years is a long time for Steve and myself to be at it. I’m mindful that the average lifetime of a small business is 2 to 5 years, so our longevity and success shows we must be doing something right. And I guess Deputy’s vision is all about that ‘something right’, that point of difference that allows a business to flourish. We want Deputy to be that difference – the business owners’ trusted and dependable second-in-charge, making it easier to manage staff and perform related tasks, saving them time and money so they can do the things they love.

Over the past 7 years Deputy has had 7 different taglines:

  • Take Charge
  • Improve your work world
  • Love your business
  • Your Business in a Browser
  • More than just rostering
  • Always on Duty
  • Every business needs a Deputy

Although they all express the same consistent vision and promise, Steve and I have a favourite, which is ‘love your business’. Every day we fall more in love with Deputy. We want Deputy to allow all of our current and future customers to feel this way about their business.

The ultimate vision of Deputy is an artificial intelligence agent which automates all aspects of workforce management so that business owners and managers can spend 100% of their time doing the things they are uniquely talented in, and passionate about, and therefore seeing their business thrive. We are not there yet. BUT – we are in a position to honour that vision and deliver on our brand promise like never before – with the launch of ‘Deputy 7’ – some of the most advanced features we have ever delivered.

The next 7 weeks for some are a wind-down to the New Year. But not here at Deputy. We will be working hard to deliver 7 awesome features which will make our customers’ work lives even easier. This is the best way I can think of to say “Thank You” to each and every one of our loyal customers. Thank you for being with us on our journey, and trusting your business to Deputy, whether you have been with us for all 7 years or only 7 days.

I am very excited about our new features and I am confident that you will be too. We’ll let the world know about each of the features of Deputy 7 as we roll them out.

As they say ‘watch this space’.