8 GIFs That Perfectly Describe the Hospitality Industry

by Katie Sawyer, 3 minutes read
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Hospitality workers are the unsung heroes working in hotels, restaurants, and bars everywhere. You serve, explain, and host patrons night and day — and do it all with a smile.

There are good days and bad days. And whether you’re a manager working the night shift or a newbie taking on the opening shift, you deserve a little cheer.

Read on for eight GIFs that perfectly describe what it’s like to work in the hospitality industry.

1. The freeloaders

You love your customers. But there are a few that push your buttons. And customers that try to hustle or take advantage of a freebie are top of the list. Whether they’re looking for a free room upgrade or hitting up the breakfast buffet like there’s no tomorrow, these customers usually know how to work the system. And your nerves.

2. The super-picky customer

“Can I have the burger with no lettuce, no tomatoes, extra mayo, lactose-free cheese, no bun, and sub the bacon for avocado? Oh, and can you show it to me before it goes into the box? I want to make sure you guys got it right.”

If you’ve heard this before, you’ll know all about picky customers. And how you think you’ve heard it all, but new requests come every day.

3. When your employee calls in sick — again

You’ve got a busy day ahead and you need your entire team on-board. You’re all ready to start the day when the phone rings. It’s Tina. She’s sick. Again. She’s got a sore throat and can’t possibly come to work. It’s the third time she’s called in sick in a month.

Problems like this happen all the time in the hospitality industry. Being able to manage shift workers easily will ensure that the Tinas of the world don’t ruin your day — or the customer experience.

4. When you’re just about to go home and a guest stops you

It’s been a hectic day and all you want to do is get home, put on comfortable clothes, and relax. You’re just about to slip out the door when you hear, “Excuse me, can I get some help here?” It’s a customer and they don’t look happy.

You might just have to wait a little longer to watch episode two of that new TV drama you’ve been looking forward to all day. You’ll get home. Eventually.

5. When you answer the same questions over and over again

Don’t you just wish you had a big sign on your shirt that had the answer on it so that you could just get on with your day? “Where are the restrooms?” “Are you still open?” “Can I get an upgrade?”

But you just smile, tell them the answer, and give them a great experience. You know why? You’re great at your job.

6. When your co-workers do everything else but work

Ever had a day where it seems your co-workers are doing nothing, while you are moments away from ripping your hair out? How can they be standing around chatting when guests are forming a long line at the check-in desk? It can be really frustrating to seemingly be the only one with a work ethic. Fortunately, there’s a GIF for that too.

7. Working hard for no tip

People in the hospitality industry work hard and they often go out of their way to ensure their customers get the best possible service. When you depend on customer tips to make ends meet, it can be so disheartening when none is forthcoming, even if the customer says they were delighted with the service you provided.

8. Spending Christmas with your family

Maybe next year. You’ll probably be working this year.

Making hospitality more hospitable

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